cashier in English

a person handling payments and receipts in a store, bank, or other business.
For much of the last fifty years the country's banks have operated as cashiers for often insolvent state enterprises, paying little attention to their ability to repay, and building up a mountain of bad debt.
dismiss (someone) from the armed forces in disgrace because of a serious misdemeanor.
he was found guilty and cashiered
synonyms: checkout girl/boy/person clerk bank clerk teller banker treasurer bursar purser

Use "cashier" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "cashier" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "cashier", or refer to the context using the word "cashier" in the English Dictionary.

1. The cashier doctored the accounts.

2. To complete for posting to General Ledger the Daily Cashier Recapitulation and the General Cashier Report.

3. The cashier receipted the bill.

4. The cashier checked out the groceries.

5. The cashier absconded with the money.

6. I squared up with the cashier.

7. The customer goes straight to the cashier.

8. The young cashier gave a patient sigh.

9. The cashier rang up £300 by mistake.

10. She is a cashier in a bank.

11. Building society cashier robbed by masked raiders.

12. The cashier was looking expectantly at Jean.

13. The cashier is adding up her receipts.

14. Transmit the general cashier Remittance Summary, Bank Deposit slips to finance manager and the General Cashier Report to Income Audit.

15. 4 The cashier embezzled $ 000 from the bank.

16. The cashier embezzled $ 000 from the bank.

17. The cashier stood waiting behind the counter.

18. The cashier shut the till and locked it.

19. A cashier ran away with the day's takings.

20. 12 The cashier embezzled $ 000 from the bank.

21. One brother is a cashier and the other sells.

22. The cashier made a mistake and short-changed him.

23. She doesn't earn very much. She's only a cashier.

24. Ask the cashier if the store accepts contactless payments.

25. The cashier has done a bunk with the day's takings.

26. Ask the cashier if she has change for a £20note.

27. The cashier embezzle $ 000 from the bank and run away.

28. Alphanumerical display to alert cashier when to insert vouchers.

29. 9 Cashier: Yes,( you can use the traveller's check.

30. Assist Operator and Cashier, follow up guest relationship, bill payment.

31. I work at a bookstore as a cashier once a week.

32. Meanwhile, the cashier had not so much as raised his head.

33. He asked the cashier for the balance of his current account.

34. 27 Ask the cashier if she has change for a £20note.

35. Smith's monthly salary is paid into the bank by the cashier.

36. It was self-service, presided over by a bored cashier.

37. The bank lost money by the defalcation of the cashier.

38. The cashier has defalcated with £10 000 of the company's money.

39. 26 The cashier had run out with eighty thousand pounds in cash.

40. Carrying a gun, he walked up to the cashier and demanded money.

41. Larry ran a car wash and Pam was the car wash cashier.

42. 9 I work at a bookstore as a cashier once a week.

43. Bank return receipt to cashier, and attach it with the AP voucher.

44. The cashier had run out with eighty thousand pounds in cash.

45. 20 The cashier embezzled 000 from the bank and ran away.

46. Cashier was found guilty of peculation and removed from his post.

47. A cashier takes and gives out money in a bank or shop.

48. The cheques must be signed in front of the cashier at the bank.

49. Of the problem, village cadre everybody manages fund, cashier exist in name only.

50. The cashier was stewing herself over the sum of 000 which was missing.