charge in English

a price asked for goods or services.
an admission charge
an accusation, typically one formally made against a prisoner brought to trial.
he appeared in court on a charge of attempted murder
demand (an amount) as a price from someone for a service rendered or goods supplied.
the restaurant charged $15 for dinner
synonyms: ask in payment ask levy demand want exact bill invoice

Use "charge" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "charge" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "charge", or refer to the context using the word "charge" in the English Dictionary.

1. This charge is a positive charge.

2. Charge!

3. If I signal you to charge, you charge.

4. If I signal you to charge, you charge

5. Now, charge!

6. Charge paddles?

7. Ladies, charge!

8. Battery Charge

9. Charge and discharge operation test for battery and charge equipment.

10. Charge, Google fee, Tax, Charge refund, Google fee refund, etc.

11. I would like to charge this purchase on my charge card.

12. I'm in charge.

13. Accumulator charge circuit

14. Who's in charge?

15. - Advice of charge,

16. The photoconductive surface coatings for scanning by charging roll charge uniform charge.

17. An electron has a negative charge, a proton has a positive charge.

18. User charge information includes telephone charge, detailed call list, payment information, etc.

19. Charge Measurement Applications: Capacitance measurements, static charge measurements using a Faraday cup.

20. The dissolving electric charge, surficial positive charge and CTR increased and surficial negative charge decreased with increase of the starch dosage.

21. Common-mode charge control in a pipelined charge- domain signal- processing circuit

22. All fares are excluding taxes, security service charge, fuel charge and airport taxes.

23. Change Mortgage Deed from All Monies Charge to Fixed Amount Charge under scheme.

24. The quarks have not only baryon number and charge but also lepton charge.

25. Usually I charge admission.

26. Trumpeter, sound the charge!

27. Is open free charge.

28. It's free of charge.

29. In Charge of “Bakeries”

30. Autobots, we charge together!

31. Is cover charge included?

32. Charge now, pay later.

33. There's no admission charge.

34. You should charge admission.

35. They charge registration fee.

36. What's the admission charge?

37. 1 An electron has a negative charge, a proton has a positive charge.

38. On the gun charge.

39. 18) The quarks have not only baryon number and charge but also lepton charge.

40. One shot hole test results show that water coupling charge is the best charge.

41. Customs duty, inspection charge at unloading port, discharging charge to be borne by buyer.

42. Acknowledgement of charge debts (2.4) A person acknowledges a charge debt if the person

43. You are not in charge of the universe; you are in charge of yourself.

44. 20 The resulting charge separation, is in many ways analogous to photosynthetic charge separation.

45. A proton positive charge and electron a negative charge but a neutron has neither.

46. No charge and no address

47. Accumulators, batteries, chargers, charge regulators


49. Or “have charge of; guard.”

50. They're running on stored charge!