chromosphere in English

a reddish gaseous layer immediately above the photosphere of the sun or another star. Together with the corona, it constitutes the star's outer atmosphere.
Prominences, flares, plages, and other features of the solar chromosphere can be observed in hydrogen light.

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1. Soon, it is not enough to make again, combine with the brown chromosphere and blue chromosphere.

2. It is difficult to photograph the actual chromosphere.

3. If touch the orange chromosphere, Zhang Ling gets 1 scores.

4. Prominence usually occurs in the chromosphere, such as solar surface " earrings. "

5. The chromosphere is a frothy layer churned up by gases in the photosphere.

6. A bright and hot area in the sun's chromosphere, usually associated with a sunspot.

7. The solar atmosphere above that consists of the photosphere, chromosphere, a transition region and the corona.

8. A bright and intensely hot area in the sun's chromosphere, usually associated with a sunspot.

9. Beyond the photosphere in the chromosphere and the extremely rarified corona, which extends millions of kilometres into space.

10. A spectacle of pink and rose colors flashed into the chromosphere (a layer beneath the corona).

11. This confirms the idea that zone are not very effective in heating the chromosphere and corona.

12. Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock, the reporter tried, full prize, double chromosphere play a law to bet, add money is insusceptible .

13. Colorant of naturally colored cotton fabric exists in the secondary cell wall of cellulose, the chromosphere is dependent on the carbonyl group.

14. A star during most of its life is a main-sequence star, which consists of a core, radiative and convective zones, a photosphere, a chromosphere and a corona.