chronicler in English

a person who writes accounts of important or historical events.
a chronicler of 18th-century American life

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1. The monk chronicler denounced them as devil servants.

2. The chronicler thus presents the account from a positive standpoint.

3. Antonio Pigafetta, Magellan's chronicler named the place "Land of Promise."

4. The chronicler sets down every detail, believing all to be of ultimate significance.

5. This implies knowledge on his part; he knows beforehand that this chronicler exists.

6. In Touch apparently has become the Official Chronicler of American Bedding.

7. The Crowland chronicler goes further and states bluntly that Bourgchier was compelled to play his part.

8. I came closer than any European chronicler to the enigma of this country.

9. According to certain chronicler, this great novelist is going to write no more long novel.

10. The Historical Scholar and Historical Chronicler also appeared in the late of the Southern Dynasties.

11. However, the Norman chronicler Orderic Vitalis did not mention this in his account of this event.

12. A modern chronicler of hell might look to the lives of chronic - pain patients for inspiration.

13. The chronicler Salimbene de Adam recorded that "Vidi ista oculis meis" ("I saw this with my own eyes").

14. Indeed, one chronicler suggests that a rising against the oppressive behaviour of royal officials might easily have occurred.

15. From there a bewildered chronicler wrote of this as an invasion by “unknown tribes” with a strange language.

16. William Thorne, the 14th century chronicler of the abbey, records 598 as the year of the foundation.

17. The overriding importance of death and disease in the seventeenth century have seldom found such a chronicler.

18. His death marks the close of half a century of academic and literary history, of which he was the chronicler.

19. After becoming Emperor of Rome, Nero'sdearest ambition was to sing in public, according to the Roman chronicler Suetonius.

20. Fitzgerald is considered the chronicler of the 1920 s in America and the spokesman of the " Lost Generation ".

21. The Associated Press is a better chronicler of wars over the surface of the Earth than sixteenth-century monks were.

22. Earliest records of the siege were recorded by the chronicler Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos in 1554 who wrote musical verses of the exploits of the people of Eger.

23. He sounded more like Carl Sandburg in love hate thrall with great maddening Chicago than like the usual tough gritty moody chronicler of California's broken dreams.

24. A Portuguese Renaissance chronicler, Garcia de Resende, describes how an entrée at a royal banquet was composed of a whole roasted ox garnished with a circle of chickens.

25. Alexis de Tocqueville, the great French chronicler of early America, was once misquoted as having said: "America is the best country in the world to be poor."

26. Gardens, waterfalls, and ornamental lakes adorned the city, while an aqueduct brought fresh water in abundance to supply the fountains and public baths, which numbered as many as 700 according to one Muslim chronicler.

27. Boardman also asserts that much of the negative views held of Robert II find their origins in the writings of the French chronicler Jean Froissart who recorded that ' had red bleared eyes, of the colour of sandalwood, which clearly showed that he was no valiant man, but one who would remain at home than march to the field'.