chronological in English

(of a record of events) starting with the earliest and following the order in which they occurred.
the entries are in chronological order
synonyms: sequential consecutive in sequence in order (of time)

Use "chronological" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "chronological" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "chronological", or refer to the context using the word "chronological" in the English Dictionary.

1. The Gospels in Chronological Order

2. The anthology is broadly chronological.

3. We've found it less difficult to learn the chronological table of the Chinese dynasties in chronological order.

4. Relative chronological position The relative chronological position of Amenemhat VI is secured thanks to the Turin canon.

5. His chronological age was 71 years.

6. Put the files in alphabetical/chronological order.

7. We arranged the documents in chronological order .

8. Give me the dates in chronological order.

9. The paintings are exhibited in chronological sequence.

10. If so, chronological age might influence treatment policy.

11. I have arranged these stories in chronological order.

12. The facts should be presented in chronological order .

13. The article describes the chronological sequence of events.

14. Dates must be listed in strict chronological order.

15. The cultural relics are displayed in chronological sequence.

16. These shapes indicate regional developments and also chronological evolution .

17. Talk at the person's chronological age level, " he said. "

18. Organize in order of importance, not in chronological order.

19. Try a tight chronological order to connect each event.

20. Put the events in her life into chronological order.

21. 16 The article describes the chronological sequence of events.

22. The remaining six groups clustered approximately in chronological order.

23. I haven't got these pictures in chronological order yet.

24. Postings on a blog are usually in chronological order.

25. Does one experience past lives in reverse chronological order?

26. The facts should be presented clearly and in chronological order.

27. Carbon dating provides the archaeologist with a basic chronological framework.

28. Two appendixes are affixed : Wuxi Gu's pedigree and chronological table. ".

29. The chronological sequence gives the book an element of structure.

30. General Journal An accounting record of business transactions in chronological order.

31. 29 The chronological sequence gives the book an element of structure.

32. The pictures resisted his efforts to shuffle them into chronological order.

33. It follows a chronological script, interspersing documentary footage with the acted narrative.

34. They are available by topic area or by alphabetical or chronological listing.

35. Write down appointments, classes, and meetings a chronological log book or chart.

36. Thus you may be combining chronological sequence with cause-and-effect reasoning.

37. 4 But the main clefts are chronological and clannish rather than ideological.

38. The department next tabled two memos in chronological order on the subject.

39. Simply put, they say, aging is the chronological time that someone has existed.

40. They are neat, legible, easily handled and can be filed in chronological order.

41. The chronological position of Nebmaatre in the second intermediate period is highly uncertain.

42. That was easy to put into chronological order because I remember that stuff.

43. The visions in the book of Revelation are not presented in chronological order.

44. Priority shall be established in accordance with the chronological order of these dates.

45. Health Related Fitness Test establishes minimum requirements for chronological age level ( ages 5 – 16 + ).

46. The predominant motive for writing this type of history is to demonstrate chronological sequence.

47. The repertoire was as follows, in chronological order of being devised: A Christmas Carol.

48. Han Shu ( Later Han Dynastic History ) is the first chronological dynastic history of China.

49. The earliest Ottoman sources, the chronological lists, moreover, give some support for this statement.

50. There has never been a time more conscious of chronological age than our own.