chronology in English

the arrangement of events or dates in the order of their occurrence.
the novel abandons the conventions of normal chronology

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1. Development of geochronology from isotopic chronology to tectonic chronology must evolve several stages including ther- mal chronology, tectono-thermochronology and deformation chronology.

2. Chronology could deliver only a partial answer.

3. I'm not sure of the chronology of events.

4. He would ignore chronology for the sake of truth.

5. 8 I'm not sure of the chronology of events.

6. Historians seem to have confused the chronology of these events.

7. The book includes a chronology of his life and works.

8. It is important to establish the chronology of the events.

9. The chronology of events in this instance is particularly instructive.

10. A feeling for chronology, gradually acquired, should help to dispel confusion.

11. The book is a workmanlike job with chronology and bibliography and index.

12. The author abandons the conventions of linear narrative and normal chronology.

13. Bible chronology places Noah’s birth in 2970 B.C.E. —126 years after Adam’s death.

14. She gave him a factual account of the chronology of her brief liaison.

15. The second part of Duffy's book is a detailed chronology of the Reformation.

16. Through past study a broadly accepted relative chronology for Beaker pottery had been developed.

17. THE title of the Twelfth Nobel Symposium was “Radiocarbon Variations and Absolute Chronology.”

18. Now I myself occupy a peculiar cul-de-sac in the boomer chronology.

19. Really, those two lines of evidence hardly provide enough proof to overturn the Bible’s chronology.

20. The third main contribution of coins to the study of portraits is to their chronology.

21. The framework of the Pentateuch is historical narrative bound together by the thread of chronology.

22. On chronology and packaging products should emphasize color saturation attractive to, certain colors of and shade.

23. That which emerged as the absolute chronology was the one based on counting tree rings.

24. Production timeline dates retrieved from Atari 8-Bit Computers F.A.Q., and Chronology of Personal Computers.

25. 26 ChronologyThe data of chronology explanates that both of them are belong to Proterozoic Era.

26. Her novel subverts the conventions of linear narrative. It has no neat chronology and no tidy denouement.

27. Recently the study of maar lake and varve chronology is becoming a new field for palaeoclimate research.

28. Two, compiled concisely the biographical chronology again for Shi Run Zhang by using grasping new material.

29. This course features a number of downloadable readings and a selective chronology of events Augustan Rome.

30. Archaeologists and natural scientists cooperate closely working on an absolute chronology for the Peruvian south coast.

31. APPENDIX 1 Chronology of Events Strengthening and Modernizing Management at a Government-Wide Level 2000 - Results for Canadians:

32. Some who study Bible chronology have formulated arbitrary equations that point to specific dates in the future.

33. But in view of its omissions, should it really be used to provide a definite historical chronology?

34. The deep-sea core oxygen isotope record is a framework for a relative chronology for the Pleistocene.

35. 23 Nevertheless, neither the Chronicle nor the Historia Brittonum provides an acceptable alternative to the Bedan chronology.

36. Since 2001 excavations have been conducted with the aim of revealing the appearance, structure, and chronology of the settlement.

37. If they carry on confounding chronology in this mendacious manner, they are likely to hit 30 as I reach

38. There is a clearly written text with an illustrated chronology of the country's history taking it up to 19

39. He drew new conclusions about the authenticity of the dubious dialogues, and the chronology of the entire corpus.

40. The resulting chronology should then enable one to date particular instruments according to the presence of certain features.

41. Of course, this date is based on archaeology alone and does not take into account the Bible’s chronology.

42. It is important to stress, therefore, that there is no absolute, only a relative, chronology for the period.

43. Learning activities have been designed to develop core skills such as analysing sources, recording evidence, and understanding chronology.

44. (Genesis 1:14-16; 8:13) In fact, Noah’s detailed chronology helps us to determine the length of a month.

45. It was the fourteenth event in the Backlash chronology and the first Backlash event since 2009 to be dual-branded.

46. Most discussions of the chronology of specific artefacts, or artefact-types, of the period are couched in predictably vague terms.

47. I should like to pay tribute to the care with which the justices record the family history and the chronology.

48. The civil zone still poses many difficult problems of chronology in the framework of what is known of the historical narrative.

49. However, professor Takeshi Sagiya at Nagoya University's Research Center for Seismology, Volcanology and Disaster Mitigation is cautious about that narrow chronology.

50. The historian's problem is that there is insufficient archaeological or documentary evidence to establish the chronology of this process.