chronometers in English

an instrument for measuring time, especially one designed to keep accurate time in spite of motion or variations in temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Chronometers were first developed for marine navigation, being used in conjunction with astronomical observation to determine longitude.
The process of mapping itself, now much more accurate thanks to Britain's invention of the chronometer for measuring longitude, allowed the British to perceive the globe as an integrated whole.

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1. I might just as well be making chronometers.

2. Chronometers have been adjusted to the correct time.

3. Time-signals, geophysical measurements, weather reporting and the testing of chronometers were among the functions which they discharged.

4. Articles of precious metals and their alloys, jewellery, brooches of precious metal, clocks and chronometers, costume jewellery

5. Anchors, watch chains, clock cases, control clocks, watch glasses, chronometers, cases for clock- and watchmaking, cases for watches, watch bands, key rings (trinkets or fobs), clock hands, clockworks, movements for clocks and watches, medallions, watch springs, pendulums, wristwatches, bracelets, watch straps, watches, watch cases, master clocks, accessories for watches, horological and chronometric instruments

6. Chronometers, chronographs, clocks, watches, wristwatches, wall clocks, alarm clocks and parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods, namely hands, anchors, pendulums, barrels, watch casings, watch straps, watch dials, clockworks, watch chains, movements for clocks and watches, watch springs, watch crystals, presentation cases for watches, cases for clocks and watches, cases for horological and chronometric instruments