chrysanthemums in English

a popular plant of the daisy family, having brightly colored ornamental flowers and existing in many cultivated varieties.
The corporation parks department created displays of autumn flowers, including chrysanthemums , Michaelmas daisies, geraniums, salvias and primuli.

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1. The chrysanthemums bloom luxuriantly.

2. Do chrysanthemums grow on this island?

3. Feed chrysanthemums with a house plant fertilizer.

4. The cold weather had most deleterious consequences among the chrysanthemums.

5. You can also take cuttings from indoor chrysanthemums.

6. Material is Prunella, chrysanthemums all five money, bergamot three money.

7. Claire Maslin was out in the vicarage garden cutting chrysanthemums.

8. The gardener was nipping off the side shoots from his chrysanthemums.

9. I would like to know how to grow chrysanthemums as a houseplant.

10. White fire blossomed suddenly in the sky, chrysanthemums on velvet, turning the crimson black.

11. 29) Double chrysanthemums have many rows of petals and are usually spherical or hemispherical.

12. The band spent a fortune on chrysanthemums, employing people to distribute them at every gig.

13. Keep growing chrysanthemums, darling and wearing daisies, the hooch is not good for you.

14. 17 Regular spraying with this soot solution kept leaf miners off chrysanthemums standing outside in pots.

15. 16 Regular spraying with this soot solution kept leaf miners off chrysanthemums standing outside in pots.

16. 17 The youngest dead had the most flowers, heaped chrysanthemums in plastic coats fringing the oval photograph.

17. 20 Gold chrysanthemums spilled from ceramic pots; lilacs and cherry blossoms flicked clusters of light into our garden.

18. Less well known is the allergic potential of plants in the Asteraceae family such as chrysanthemums and daisies.

19. Carefully she clipped the grass the grave and arranged the pinky - white, small chrysanthemums the tin cross.

20. 21 Besides, you also can try the sour plum lime juice, hog plum juice, chrysanthemums and herbal tea.

21. He had built a lean-to greenhouse on the back of the scullery and prided himself on his chrysanthemums and gladioli.

22. For some sudden onset, irritability who can Prunella, chrysanthemums, bergamot tea on behalf of the water a little fried, have a clear effect diarrhea anger.

23. 18 The Double-Ninth Festival sees various activities such as climbing a mountain, admiring chrysanthemums, wearing cornel (Cornus officinalis) and eating Double-Ninth cake, etc.

24. Some of the most popular bedding flowers are chrysanthemums, impatiens and petunias . Bedding plants are usually started in greenhouses. People buy them in containers and replant them.

25. The 19th century saw the introduction of two more natural pesticides, pyrethrum, which is derived from chrysanthemums, and rotenone, which is derived from the roots of tropical vegetables.

26. 12 There is no longer any custom of wearing cornel on the Double-Ninth Festival, but many people will climb a mountain, admire chrysanthemums and appreciate the beautiful scenery of autumn.

27. I wondered who the stumbling subway woman's cousin was, how "the kid" died, in a knife fight or from withering illness, what flower arrangement she had in mind (chrysanthemums?