Use "collection" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "collection" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "collection", or refer to the context using the word "collection" in the English Dictionary.

1. Renting of flats, shops, rent collection, debt collection agencies

2. It may be categorized into import collection and export collection, where the latter can be further divided into export documentary collection and export clean collection.

3. Entada phaseoloides Balansa collection MHNT Luffa aegyptiaca Balansa collection MHNT Raphia farinifera Balansa collection MHNT Cassia fistula Balansa collection MHNT Lodoicea maldivica, Balansa collection MHNT Adansonia digitata Balansa collection MHNT Solenanthus lanatus Balansa collection MHNT All pages with titles containing Balansae for pages named for Balansa IPNI. Balansa.

4. Scope: Construction cost of labor insurance collection . Construction cost collection.

5. Quite the collection.

6. A neat collection.

7. 2 You could work for a third party collection agency, collecting debts from businesses (known as commercial collection) or individuals (consumer collection).

8. The street collection raised £255.41 and the house-to-house collection realised £2,928.

9. Waste collection on time.

10. Her collection remained incomplete.

11. Portions of the collection also will be rotated in a permanent collection gallery.

12. Outstanding accounts (collection procedures)

13. Test species:-scientific name, race, approximate age (in weeks), collection method, date of collection

14. The image real time collection system are composed of lamp-house, vidicon, image collection card , PC and the image collection program running on PC.

15. They sold a valuable art collection and a collection of porcelain at the auction.

16. You can only create a post in a domain-restricted Collection from inside the Collection.

17. The groovy formal collection, yes!

18. The ancient one's private collection.

19. GIANT STAR TREK COLLECTION We recently got an incredible Star Trek collection in for saleconsignment.

20. - collection works and general spillway,

21. But you led the collection

22. a collection of marble statuary.

23. Development process data collection plan.

24. Debt collection and payment agency

25. Across the Board (Professional Collection).

26. Collection of famous quotes and collection of mottoes are the most important treasure of the society.

27. To be responsible for the administration of local tax collection , formulate detailed administrative Methods: Tax collection.

28. Serous pericarditis is marked by fluid collection fluid collection may be large enough to cause tamponade.

29. Financing by banks for exporters under documentary collection Methods: Takes the form of collection bill purchased.

30. Financing by banks for exporters under documentary collection methods takes the form of collection bill purchased.

31. So far in the British Museum, ancient porcelain is also scheduled as an art collection collection.

32. His acclaimed art collection, sold to Russia in 17 became part of the Hermitage Museum collection.

33. Let's go find the collection box.

34. Hence Sensiq's new skin care collection.

35. 16) Serous pericarditis is marked by fluid collection fluid collection may be large enough to cause tamponade.

36. "The Criterion Collection – Hiroshima Mon Amour".

37. Edit Album Properties and Collection information

38. for that year’s collection of articles.

39. Describes thread suspension and garbage collection.

40. You know you are garbage collection?

41. 4) Production equipment failure data collection.

42. Cantor proved that the collection of real numbers and the collection of positive integers are not equinumerous.

43. Agencies for debt and rent collection

44. No guns in the design collection."

45. And her rock collection is dwindling.

46. LC equipment, data collection system, etc.

47. Another trophy for Clive Lloyd's collection.

48. Dust collection for an abrasive tool

49. Charitable fund raising, debt collection agencies

50. Age: provide the date of collection.