commonwealth in English

an independent country or community, especially a democratic republic.
It was a liberal empire and a democratic commonwealth , and its aim, as with America in the Philippines, was to prepare its components for self-government.
an international association consisting of the UK together with states that were previously part of the British Empire, and dependencies. The British monarch is the symbolic head of the Commonwealth.
the general good.
The notion of a commonwealth , of a common good, is disappearing.

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1. We are contributing Euro 1 million to the Commonwealth Connects Programme, the Commonwealth Action Programme for Digital Divide.

2. The commonwealth, Dalzell believed, had perpetrated a fraud on the federal court; the commonwealth had swapped evidence.

3. Theatres were closed during the Commonwealth.

4. The British Empire gradually disappeared and it was replaced by the British Commonwealth or the Commonwealth of Nations in 19

5. Wells won three medals at the Commonwealth Games.

6. The hybrid of commonwealth, long ascendant, is waning.

7. The British Commonwealth of Nation includes several nations.

8. Swaziland became an independent Kingdom within the Commonwealth.

9. The Commonwealth secured its indictments on hearsay.

10. The Commonwealth is simply a talking shop.

11. As a member of the Commonwealth of Australia in the political, military, financial, economic and cultural influence by the Commonwealth.

12. Commonwealth is a term meaning a political community.

13. He is the chairman of the commonwealth of artists.

14. The nation was represented by the Bangladesh Olympic Association, which is responsible for the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games in Bangladesh.

15. Dominion is a part of the British Commonwealth.

16. One is in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

17. First to Kai over in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

18. In all probability, the Commonwealth will rest tomorrow morning.

19. The Commonwealth Development Corporation has agreed to reschedule Tanzania's debt.

20. The city and the Commonwealth have lost a great leader.

21. 1961 - South Africa withdraws from the Commonwealth of Nations.

22. Puerto Rico remains a US commonwealth, not a state.

23. During the Commonwealth, gambling was, of political necessity, low key.

24. She was the 2013 Chair of the Commonwealth Writers' Prize.

25. 24 He is the chairman of the commonwealth of artists.

26. The company also built the 2010 Commonwealth Games Village in Delhi.

27. Thereafter, even this discussion takes into account the broad rubric of what is called Commonwealth for the Future, planning for the future of the Commonwealth.

28. * Repatriation of the nationals of foreign and Commonwealth States from India and deport- ation and repatriation of Indian nationals of foreign and Commonwealth countries to India

29. Wealth and Our Commonwealth; Why America Should Tax Accumulated Fortunes.

30. There were distinctions of function, your role in the commonwealth.

31. The Commonwealth currently generates an annual intra-Commonwealth trade turnover of about US$ 225 billion, of which India’s share alone accounts for about US$ 80 billion.

32. He belongs to very long period of time the British Commonwealth.

33. In 1935, President Roosevelt proclaimed the Philippine Islands a free commonwealth.

34. India, under Nehru, was also conscious of advantages of joining the Commonwealth.

35. 17 Commonwealth: The people of a nation or state ; the body politic.

36. A meeting of Commonwealth heads of state will be held next month.

37. She has travelled widely and has lived in four countries in the Commonwealth.

38. 15 The Republic of Ghana achieved independence within the Commonwealth in March 19

39. From 1947 to 19 Pakistan was a Dominion in the Commonwealth of Nations.

40. They are reburied with full military honours in the region's Commonwealth war graves.

41. Consequently, on 8 June, British and Commonwealth forces invaded Syria and Lebanon.

42. Brisbane hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1982 and the World's Fair in 1988.

43. 7 Also current telephone bill addressed to her, One-eighty-nine Commonwealth Avenue.

44. Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, Commonwealth of Australia.

45. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Super Typhoon Pongsona (DR-1447) (Report).

46. Nehru, having accepted Commonwealth membership, was content to pay Mountbatten the compliment.

47. According to the laws the Commonwealth of Australia, Australia monarch is Britain's monarch.

48. Sold during the Commonwealth, it was re-acquired by Charles II after the Restoration.

49. The ADO diarchy is a governance structure unique in the Australian Commonwealth public service.

50. It did not become a sovereign state within the Commonwealth of Nations until 19