contingent in English

subject to chance.
the contingent nature of the job
occurring or existing only if (certain other circumstances) are the case; dependent on.
resolution of the conflict was contingent on the signing of a ceasefire agreement
synonyms: dependent on conditional on subject to determined byhinging onresting on
a group of people united by some common feature, forming part of a larger group.
a contingent of Japanese businessmen attending a conference

Use "contingent" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "contingent" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "contingent", or refer to the context using the word "contingent" in the English Dictionary.

1. Contingent liabilities and accounts payable

2. Have the Scottish contingent arrived yet?

3. • IT215R Reserves, contingent accounts and sinking funds

4. A large contingent of troops was dispatched.

5. This assessment should be done in line with EU accounting rule 10: ‘Provisions, contingent labilities and contingent assets’.

6. John Quincy Adams won that contingent election.

7. The strong British contingent suffered mixed fortunes.

8. Our success is contingent on your support.

9. A rather sizeable contingent moved out.

10. Has the Scottish contingent arrived yet?

11. Part I: Contingent liabilities of the SRB

12. Our success is contingent upon your continued help.

13. Our success is contingent upon your support.

14. The crowd included a big contingent from Ipswich.

15. How to develop the contingent and exploitive actions?

16. We prefer contextually complex, contingent, weasel-word sentences --

17. • IT215RSR Reserves, contingent accounts and sinking funds

18. There are some shortcomings of contingency in accounting standard for enterprises, such as recognition of contingent asset, disclosure of contingent liability.

19. Contingent liabilities from guarantees and letters of credit

20. The largest contingent was from the United States.

21. Make rewards contingent upon quite small amounts of progress.

22. But there was a surprisingly large contingent of newsmen.

23. That men are living creatures is a contingent fact.

24. The different thematic groupings are interchangeable, impermanent and contingent.

25. Adjustment to purchase consideration contingent on future events

26. Growth is contingent upon setting and achieving goals.

27. Our arrival time is contingent on the weather.

28. A large contingent from Japan was present at the conference.

29. The entrance was barred by a contingent of troops.

30. Further investment is contingent upon the company's profit performance.

31. A sizable contingent of my family attended the wedding.

32. There were the usual protests from the anti - abortion contingent.

33. A large contingent of paratroopers was sent to the region.

34. The Arsenal contingent will provide an intriguing sideshow in Lisbon.

35. Any further payments are contingent upon satisfactory completion dates.

36. The benefit is not contingent on National Insurance Contributions.

37. Odo, maintain a visible contingent of security at bay eight.

38. Police are being very cautious... and have sent a large contingent

39. 3 The different thematic groupings are interchangeable, impermanent and contingent.

40. But the absence of poverty was contingent on obedience to the Law.

41. Contingent report on sexual exploitation and abuse by a peacekeeper at MINUSCA

42. The Hearst organization alone sent thirty reporters, plus a contingent of photographers.

43. • Youth and children formed the most enthusiastic contingent among the runners.

44. The punctual arrival of an airplane is contingent on the weather.

45. Adjustments to the cost of a business combination contingent on future events

46. Raymond had the largest contingent of about 8,500 infantry and 1,200 cavalry.

47. The Panel will only consider actual damage suffered and not contingent liabilities.

48. The French contingent certainly made their presence known at this year's conference.

49. Whether or not we arrive on time is contingent on the weather.

50. The process will be contingent on existing regulation in the countries.