copper|coppers in English


[cop·per || 'kɒpə]

(Cu) metallic chemical element; boiler; large copper or iron cooking pot (British); coin made of copper or bronze; reddish-brown color; any of the small butterflies with copper color wings; cop, police officer (British Slang)

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1. " Counting coppers, " he calls it.

2. your father only gave me coppers.

3. Instructions: The product can deoxidize the coppers. It contains certain friction producing substance and can remove the rust completely without damage the copper.

4. He had few coppers in his pocket.

5. Can we play for coppers? " one rickshaw man asked tentatively.

6. Pale colours are much more in vogue than autumnal bronzes and coppers.

7. Copper mattes; cement copper (precipitated copper)

8. * * copper ( blister copper and other ) , copper waste or

9. He had only a few coppers in his pocket when he came to Detroit.

10. 11 Oxidize copper to copper oxide.

11. ex 74.01 * Unrefined copper ( blister copper and other ) * Smelting of copper matte

12. ex 74.01 | Unrefined copper (blister copper and other) | Smelting of copper matte |


14. Unrefined copper (blister copper and other)

15. Refined copper and copper alloys, unwrought.

16. ex 74.01 | Refined copper | Fire-refining or electrolytic refining of unrefined copper (blister copper and other), copper waste or scrap |

17. Unrefined copper, copper anodes for electrolytic refining (including blister copper) (excluding electrocopper-plating, electroplating anodes)

18. Dexing Copper Mine Copper City ( Asia's largest copper mine ) a shining pearl of the motherland.

19. Copper matte is processed to anode copper without oxidizing blister copper in an anode furnace.

20. Copper sulfide and copper oxide were also attractive candidates.

21. Brazing of copper, copper alloys, silver and molybdenum etc.

22. Copper complex

23. Copper alloys: |

24. Copper Altar

25. My copper.