core in English

the tough central part of various fruits, containing the seeds.
an apple core
remove the tough central part and seeds from (a fruit).
peel and core the pears
(used as the second element of various compounds) denoting types of rock or dance music that have an aggressive presentation.

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1. The component of core competence includes core technique , core management and core marketing.

2. You can install PP filter core, carbon filter core, softener filter core, UF filter core, etc.

3. Sure. The core principles of Interfaith Youth Core are very simple.

4. Reactor core temperature.

5. Hard-core ROTC.

6. You're hard-core.

7. Three Core Beliefs

8. Contrasting core ground gamma curve with logging gamma curve locate the core, and then emend the depth of the core sample, which improve veracity of the core data.

9. The core layer consists of a sound-absorbing open-pore core material.

10. The compound micropore honeycomb plate paper core uses AA high - strengthcorrugated core.

11. The prior knotted bed core output device can not be used for the delivery of non-core knotting spring bed core.

12. Tendons which intercept the central core are anchored at the slab / core intersection.

13. Antirust performance, protect the core box and extend the life of core box.

14. 2nd-generation Core i5 (2GHz+), 3rd/4th-generation Core i5 processor, or equivalent;

15. Miniature core adjust device

16. The Gospel’s Unchanging Core

17. Core infrastructure centrally funded

18. Doctrinal Mastery Core Document

19. 2nd-generation Core i5 (2GHz+), 3rd/4th-generation Core i5 processor, or equivalent

20. In August 2008 Intel released their first two quad-core processors for notebooks, the Core 2 Quad Q9100 and Core 2 Extreme QX9300.

21. These pseudowire segments extend between adjacent edge and core devices within the core network.

22. This is the core team.

23. Parallelly traveling core setter (XZZ416II) can do online synchronous mechanized core setting fast and accurately.

24. The inner core contracted until hydrogen burning commenced in a shell surrounding the helium core.

25. Hybrid air/magnetic core inductor

26. Air-conditioning (non-core topic)

27. Core functionality module for Karbon

28. Skynet's central core is down.

29. Magnetic Core Memory was developed.

30. Full titanium core, no alloys.

31. Ice core molded engine manifold

32. The ship's core is destabilizing.

33. We offer solid core, split core, overlay, heat stable, extreme environment, and magnetic stripe films.

34. This paper presents a core test language ( CTL ) of SOC IP ( Intellectual Property ) core design.

35. The outburst of fuel gas from hole, schistose core and core deformation are important parameters.

36. You're rotten to the core.

37. They sell hard-core pornography .

38. His core temperature is checked.

39. The topsheet (14) is preferably wrapped around an absobent core (16) forming a core assembly (13).

40. Doughnut-shaped hollow core body, bidirectional hollow core slab using the same, and construction method thereof

41. The core consumer price index (core inflation) is calculated together with the above group price indices.

42. jackrabbit-core: Jackrabbit content repository core implementation for JSR-170 and common utility code from Apache.

43. A superstrong segregation regime theory model for core - corona micelles and core - shell - corona micelles is developed.

44. 17 The hardware core of embedded system is embedded processor; the software core is embedded operation system.

45. Strangely, it had a metal core.

46. They're the empty core of life.

47. How long until that core ignites?

48. the core of a nuclear reactor.

49. The all-important bookend core value.

50. Peel, core and chop the apples.