corpus in English

a collection of written texts, especially the entire works of a particular author or a body of writing on a particular subject.
the Darwinian corpus
the main body or mass of a structure.
The right fallopian tube, right ovary, uterine corpus , and uterine cervix were all grossly unremarkable.

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1. Right to habeas corpus, suspended.

2. The composition of the test corpus and the reduced LOB corpus is shown in table

3. Of the trigrams found in the test corpus, 23% had not been found in the training corpus.

4. The vacancy at Corpus Christi vanished.

5. The vacancy at Corpus Christi vanished.

6. Based on the corpus linguistics, we make some rules to build a corpus of chinese novel by manual tagging and refined Proofreading. In this corpus, we mark the position of the zero anaphor.

7. I've got the corpus of Shakespeare's works.

8. 15) Based on the corpus linguistics, we make some rules to build a corpus of chinese novel by manual tagging and refined Proofreading. In this corpus, we mark the position of the zero anaphor.

9. They also developed prerogative orders and Habeas Corpus.

10. Unlawful combatants have no right to habeas corpus.

11. Is corpus luteum copper harmful to the body?

12. What help does corpus luteum copper have to menstruation?

13. Alice is about 45 miles west of Corpus Christi.

14. com/callosum.html) dysplasia and absence of corpus callosum.

15. MRI demonstrated reduction , dysplasia and absence of corpus callosum.

16. The Brill method investigates transitions between words in a corpus.

17. Many types occur just once in the LOB corpus.

18. A lesion in the posterior part of the corpus callosum (splenium corpus callosi) leads to an alexia of the left field of vision in the right handed and of the right one in the left handed person (posterior corpus callosum syndrome).

19. The corpus luteum of the previous pregnancy regresses very rapidly.

20. M University in Corpus Christi, is giving it some thought.

21. The appearance diffusion coefficient and the fractional anisotropy were measured for the splenium of the corpus callosum, the genu of the corpus callosum, and the hippocampus.

22. We investigate the lyrics corpus based on Zip'f Law using both character and word as a unit, which proves the validness Zip'f Law in such corpus.

23. The Corpus Christi metropolitan area had an estimated population of 442,600.

24. Pressure is being exerted on the corpus callosum of his brain.

25. MRI and enhanced MRI were highly sensitive to corpus callosal infarction.

26. And under imperative necessity , he abolished the writ of habeas corpus.

27. Corpus, non caro" is his own description of the angelic body."

28. The first effectively eliminated the filing of successive habeas corpus claims.

29. Note involvement of the splenium of the corpus callosum (red arrows).

30. A training corpus is accessed and converted into an initial acoustic model.

31. Meanwhile, there existed subalbugineous veniplex on the surface of penile cavernous corpus.

32. The tissues of the stele and cortex are derived from the corpus.

33. How does functional sex amenorrhoea use treatment of injection of corpus luteum ketone?

34. Hoskyns wanted him in Cambridge as the chaplain of his college, Corpus Christi.

35. Fifteen typical adenoacanthomas (Fig. 5) were localized only in the corpus uteri.

36. In the case of stamen primordia, the outer corpus is also involved.

37. secretory ones to the fundus — corpus region, motorial ones to the antrum.

38. Trial by jury and the law of habeas corpus were practically suspended.

39. Before the real development of corpus, studies in stylistics is mainly qualitative.

40. While the web is not an archetypal corpus, "web as a corpus" method is irrefutably functional, and has found its widespread applications in linguistic data retrieval and linguistic hypothesis testing.

41. 8 This paper comments on the effect of corpus empirical studies on lexicology.

42. Objective To investigate the magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) features of corpus callosal infarction.

43. However many of the tags used exclusively in the LOB corpus can be retained.

44. Objective To study the CT and MRI findings of Dysgenesis of the Corpus Callosum.

45. But the corpus is a singular specimen, whose like is seldom seen on screen.

46. Bouvet compares the corpus of the Changes to a precious residue left from antiquity.

47. A normal adult ovary has been sectioned here to reveal a hemorrhagic corpus luteum.

48. Objective : To evaluate the CT and diagnostic value of the corpus callosum injury.

49. They can push the quickest habeas corpus proceedings the courts have ever seen.

50. He was released temporarily under a writ of corpus, pending his forthcoming trial.