coward in English

a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.
‘Our power is wielded by weaklings and cowards , and our honour is false in all its points’.
excessively afraid of danger or pain.
Aidan had lost count how many times he'd cried himself to sleep in order to escape the pain that he was too coward to relieve himself of.
(of an animal) depicted with the tail between the hind legs.

Use "coward" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "coward" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "coward", or refer to the context using the word "coward" in the English Dictionary.

1. Yankee coward!

2. A coward.

3. You're a coward.

4. You bloody coward.

5. Ambrosious, you coward.

6. He's a coward.

7. You're a coward, Alkar.

8. Don't be a coward.

9. He is a coward.

10. Flee like a coward?

11. I'm a coward. I

12. I'm not a coward!

13. You're a miserable coward.

14. That snivelling creep/coward!

15. What, his son the coward?

16. You are such a coward.

17. I'd be branded a coward.

18. You think I'm a coward.

19. You coward, where are you?

20. You are a coward, Captain.

21. Everyone called him a coward.

22. He's just a weak-kneed coward.

23. You're a liar and a coward.

24. I was basically a dreadful coward.

25. Colonel Nascimento was such a coward.

26. I knew he was a coward.

27. And you call Riley a coward.

28. A bully is always a coward.

29. He's nothing but a spineless coward.

30. Being a coward was a compliment.

31. And everyone else is a coward.

32. Commander-in-chief is a coward.

33. Despair gives courage to a coward

34. Try it. Don't be such a coward.

35. I was, to my shame, a coward.

36. 12 You're a coward and a weakling.

37. I was a coward, a damned quitter.

38. The coward quai- led before the enemy.

39. You coward! What are you afraid of?

40. And though I am a selfish coward,

41. You blind, vegan, beef-salesman, virgin coward!

42. What is the face of a coward?

43. He as good as called me a coward .

44. Only a coward gives in to his fate.

45. He must not be untruthful, or a coward.

46. But if he hides here, he's a coward.

47. Better to be a loser than a coward

48. He is dishonest, and a coward to boot.

49. But he's a coward, he wouldn't confront you.

50. Come forth, coward, and answer for your crimes!