cowardly in English

lacking courage.
There is more foolishness, more cowardly hearts, less courage, lack of appreciation and gratitude and less politeness.
in a way that shows a lack of courage.

Use "cowardly" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "cowardly" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "cowardly", or refer to the context using the word "cowardly" in the English Dictionary.

1. Cowardly Lion got your tongue?

2. Management was feeble and cowardly.

3. He was weak, cowardly and treacherous.

4. But you're not cowardly at all.

5. I was too cowardly to complain.

6. We shall unmask that cowardly cheat.

7. This was a cowardly thing to do.

8. He despised himself for being so cowardly.

9. 3 We shall unmask that cowardly cheat.

10. 10 He was weak, cowardly and treacherous.

11. You low-down, cowardly, nasty thing, you!

12. 7 This is both masochistic and cowardly.

13. That cowardly guy can't make a girl happy.

14. I say, without feeling the slightest bit cowardly.

15. Male speaker It's a cowardly thing to do.

16. This was a particularly brutal and cowardly attack.

17. There's something cowardly and ignoble about such an attitude.

18. Are they adamancy or cowardly hold in the hand?

19. She refused to be cowardly and hang her head.

20. He thought it would be cowardly to draw back.

21. SCARLETT: You're a low-down, cowardly, nasty thing, you!

22. A courageous foe is better than a cowardly friend. 

23. It was cowardly of you not to admit your mistake.

24. Tears apart from cowardly should not representative of anything outside.

25. Why to want to learn adamancy more, more cowardly however?

26. Likewise, none of the female characters act in a cowardly way.

27. They are guilty of a cowardly failure to address the problem.

28. It is cowardly of him to retrograde in face of danger.

29. He sent the most cowardly soldiers to serve as forward scouts.

30. 1 A courageous foe is better than a cowardly friend. 

31. Just as the cowardly plotter deserves no better than his hidden puppeteer.

32. (b) What shows that Lot did not act in a cowardly way?

33. She loved a cowardly man, just because the man's preexistence saved her.

34. He was cowardly and dangerous, and obviously very good at his job.

35. She accused the government of a cowardly surrender to big - business interests.

36. He commenced blubbering himself, and hurried out to hide his cowardly agitation.

37. Being too cowardly to imprison him, Oedipus let him join the Argive army.

38. He described the detention without trial of political opponents as a cowardly act.

39. There was the honorable seppuku of samurai and the cowardly cyanide of Nazis.

40. I'm not that mean, despicable, cowardly, lewd creature that horrible little man sees.

41. Three months had gone in establishing his pseudo-self as a friendless, cowardly drunk.

42. Oda is a cowardly and boring man, his only redeeming feature being his diligence.

43. It would have to be the chapel, Isabel decided, scolding herself for her cowardly hesitation.

44. The specially administrated zone of Nippon is a cowardly trap to lure us in!

45. A person who flees from a situation is generally regarded as weak or cowardly.

46. The left-armer denied himself a sixth by wasting a cowardly bouncer on Malcolm.

47. 4 Being too cowardly to imprison him, Oedipus let him join the Argive army.

48. There are almost 1 00 dead settlers in the basin, scalped by this cowardly criminal.

49. Nowadays he teaches them the cowardly art of aggressive selling to the elderly and disabled.

50. And in light of this heinous and cowardly act, compounded by the tragedy in California