cowed in English

cause (someone) to submit to one's wishes by intimidation.
the intellectuals had been cowed into silence

Use "cowed" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "cowed" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "cowed", or refer to the context using the word "cowed" in the English Dictionary.

1. He cowed his wife into obedience.

2. People were again cowed into subjugation.

3. The men were cowed into total submission.

4. The natives were cowed by the army.

5. He cowed the boy into doing illegal things.

6. Dissidents were cowed into silence by the army.

7. The smaller boys were cowed by the class bully.

8. The men might be cowed for the time being.

9. The protesters had been cowed into submission by the police.

10. The soldiers seemed cowed by " Wind Blade " earlier

11. We walk tall, no longer cowed by writs.

12. 10 The men were cowed into total submission.

13. I will not be cowed into forsaking my beliefs.

14. Scholars who know better are cowed, indifferent or, sotto voce, disdainful.

15. The protesters refused to be cowed into submission by the army.

16. The teacher cowed the pupils with his hard eyes.

17. Yet they do not appear to have been cowed by systems or professionals.

18. But you could just as easily argue that their are incurious because they're cowed.

19. He cowed them with his hard eyes like a tamer among beasts.

20. The government, far from being cowed by these threats, has vowed to continue its policy.

21. The headman of the gypsies, cowed and nervous, was apparently trying to offer explanations.

22. Annixter had cursed him so vociferously and tersely that even Osterman was cowed.

23. For decades it has cowed public employees, left them docile, passive, and bitter.

24. By this time she was so cowed by the beatings that she meekly obeyed.

25. Not surprisingly, young salesmen dashed around the place looking cowed and frightened, while young traders smoked cigars.

26. Most were attracted by her intoxicating combination of beauty, wit and charm, but others were cowed.

27. The guests were completely cowed, like golden calf worshippers contemplating shards of Moses' broken tablets.

28. He should have been cowed and compromised by fear and debt, but he was not.

29. They - whoever they were - had underestimated her if they thought she could be cowed into submission by threats and violence.

30. Aunt Margaret, frail as a pressed flower, seemed too cowed by his presence even to look at him.

31. By now most of the other girls found me extremely odd, but they were easily cowed by my outbursts of sarcasm.

32. She was a big ill-tempered animal cowed by a presence more threatening and a temper more volatile than her own.

33. And maybe they would be cowed not only by the discipline but by the man who wielded it.

34. The entire Project Eden team - or what was left of it - was milling around: cowed, shocked and submissive.

35. But the investigation was suddenly closed down, 17 volumes of its work vanished, and its members were cowed into silence.

36. For the regime, the fact that it presided over a cowed, debilitated populace enhanced its ability to remain in power.

37. The battle of Britain had been his first defeat, and the malignant bombing of the cities had not cowed the nation or its Government.

38. He cut his school off from the outside world so that nobody would see how cowed and frightened the children were.

39. “Within a few days,” it was reported, “most of [the guards] had become abusive and bullying, meting out frequent punishments, while the prisoners had become cowed and subservient.”