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1. Collision craft-craft

2. The company adoption dissolves gum craft, water glass craft with the porcelain and ceramics type craft.

3. Our space craft.

4. d) special craft, such as hydrofoil craft and air-cushion vehicles

5. Undertook to course of recipe, craft and craft parameter control analysis, comparative, affirmatory.

6. What a handsome craft.

7. Translated Description : craft master list, Teapot master data, purple craft artist title inquiries.

8. Small craft — Measurement of airborne sound emitted by powered recreational craft (ISO 14509:2000)

9. The landing craft found themselves

10. Searchlight for high speed craft

11. The pilot goosed his craft.

12. 7 Beach the landing craft.

13. Also coarse fishing and craft workshops.

14. Weaving was the town's chief craft.

15. Objective:To Improve Rifampicin Capsules productive craft.

16. Are all rescue craft still operable?

17. Flying, gliding and/or airdrop craft

18. Stonecutting was a highly developed craft.

19. Are you familiar with this craft?

20. For example, The Standard factory can craft items that the Basic Factory and Advanced Factory cannot craft.

21. He's an expert at his craft.

22. A canoe is a ticklish craft.

23. Wine, Wood, and the Cooper’s Craft

24. Writing is a craft, like carpentry.

25. Frank J . Avella: Honing your craft?

26. Small Craft Harbours: Implementation of the Small Craft Harbours Accelerated Infrastructure Program has progressed more quickly than anticipated.

27. He knew the craft of making furniture.

28. Small craft — Airborne sound emitted by powered recreational craft — Part 3: Sound assessment using calculation and measurement procedures

29. Arts and craft kits, namely, arts, craft and activity kits consisting of paint, paint sets, and modeling clay

30. Sheep shearing is a highly skilled craft.

31. The harbour was full of pleasure craft.

32. He's a master of the actor's craft.

33. Article 16.02 — Craft suitable for being pushed

34. She sells her craft, not her body.

35. The musician spends years perfecting his craft.

36. Everybody stay tight on the enemy craft.

37. Craft of all kinds come into this port.

38. 9 But there is craft in the casualness .

39. He learned his craft from an old master.

40. It took her years to perfect her craft.

41. The frail craft rocked as he clambered in.

42. 1) Elongated solar array wings bracket the craft.

43. House painting was the only craft he knew.

44. Frozen food craft is the important development of the food processing craft; It differs from the general congelation and refrigerates method.

45. Small craft — Electric propulsion system (ISO 16315:2016)

46. Fortunately, your teammates are masters of spy-craft.

47. Many delegates were willing to craft a compromise.

48. I bought it at a local craft fair.

49. Craft Resources also sells yarn and embroidery floss.

50. Activity Set , Craft Puncher, Stapler, School Set, Stationery.