Meaning of word critical

in English - English Dictionary

['crit·i·cal || 'krɪtɪkl]

judgmental; important, crucial

Sentence pattern with the word "critical"

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1. CRITICAL—exit code 2—indicates a service is in critical state.

2. Critical Times Now

3. However, it is lacking one critical and, above all, self-critical analysis.

4. It can be described as praxis, critical pedagogy, or critical action research.

5. The same ideas of critical size and critical mass apply to bombs.

6. It quantificationally supports Critical Path Method can evolve into Critical Chain Method.

7. The equation expressing the critical temperature - critical chemical potential curve is derived.

8. The critical voltage is the critical state of voltage stability and voltage instability.

9. Critical loads of acidity

10. The need was critical.

11. Blood pressure's approaching critical.

12. We're at critical velocity.

13. They were very critical.

14. He was incisively critical.


16. Critical Right now, though, he faces the most critical time in his managerial career.

17. If the ambient temperature remains constant, the smaller critical size and the higher critical ignition temperature are needed with the higher critical heat flux density.

18. 3 ) determine critical control points


20. Don't be too self-critical.

21. November pirates Jinshanwei in Hangzhou Bay and other places forced landing, Shanghai critical, Nanjing critical.

22. With increase in morn, the critical micelle concentration decreases and the critical surface tension increases.

23. That was a critical moment.

24. The application has critical error.

25. His critical analysis was helpful.

26. Some ultraviolet radiation is critical.

27. Critical illness polyneuropathy (CFP) and critical illness myopathy (CIM) are frequently found in critical ill patients and may cause muscle weakness and even respiratory failure.

28. The critical point, or critical temperature, is the at the steel has the most desirable characteristics.

29. The minimum pressure required to liquefy a gas at its critical temperature is its critical pressure.

30. 6) We will make a new commitment to critical viewing skills education and critical media analysis.

31. November 5, pirates Jinshanwei in Hangzhou Bay and other places forced landing, Shanghai critical, Nanjing critical.

32. A subject area as critical as application server security prompts a noteworthy volume of equally critical questions.

33. Truss, this is a critical window.

34. Plasma pressure is 14%%% above critical.

35. “Critical Times” Can Wear Us Down

36. This crude critical ploy is derisory.

37. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point ( HACCP )

38. Now we've switched to critical mass.

39. Finding Spiritual Food in Critical Times

40. Jesus foretold critical times for humans.

41. He made some highly critical remarks.

42. Uncle Tom is critical and contemptuous.

43. He is very temperamental and critical.

44. The perturbation growth rate, critical wave number and critical number are affected by thermal non - equilibrium effect.

45. Redundancy is the critical issue here.

46. Oxygen main left hemisphere, critical levels.

47. Those are the three critical priorities.

48. I mean, we have critical infrastructure.

49. The book received great critical acclaim.

50. He was certainly fastidious and critical.