crude in English

in a natural or raw state; not yet processed or refined.
crude oil
constructed in a rudimentary or makeshift way.
a relatively crude nuclear weapon
natural petroleum.
the ship was carrying 80,000 tons of crude

Use "crude" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "crude" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "crude", or refer to the context using the word "crude" in the English Dictionary.

1. Oil: Refers to petroleum crude oil, bituminous crude oil, and petroleum products.

2. Tar acids, coal, crude

3. Crude oil is the world's most important commodity and crude oil is priced in dollars.

4. His language was often crude.

5. It consists of silvery skins, particles of the aleurone layer, endosperm and germ; it contains a small quantity of calcium carbonate resulting from the polishing process. // Crude protein Crude fibre Crude oil and fat Calcium carbonate // Moisture Crude ash Ash insoluble in HCl // Crude protein Crude oil and fat Moisture Crude fibre Crude ash Ash insoluble in HCl Rice husks Calcium carbonate // min. 13,5 % min. 13,5 % max. 12 % max. 12,5 % max. 16 % max. 1,7 % max. 3 % max.

6. Tar acids, brown-coal, crude;

7. The country exports crude oil.

8. This produces a crude beer.

9. Granite, crude or roughly trimmed

10. You have the crude oil.

11. Projected demand for crude oil

12. In actual depressant crude pipeline transportation, a crude sample is transported in tight line with pressure.

13. The main genesis of heterogeneous crude is migration and fractional distillation of low mature crude, mixing of crude, thickening by edge water, and thickening by bottom water.

14. Never rude or crude at all.

15. Such crude methods are old hat.

16. The caricature is crude, but recognisable.

17. Crude oil reserves are running down.

18. Rudy was loud-mouthed and crude.

19. Gasoline is distilled from crude oil.

20. This crude critical ploy is derisory.

21. Crude coke oven gas contains sulphide.

22. You've got such a crude mouth!

23. The crude coke oven gas is washed free of ammonia, and then crude benzol is removed from it.

24. This method is very crude and subjective.

25. The cottage wears a very crude appearance.

26. Objective: To extract cholesterols from crude lanolin.

27. Tar acids, brown-coal gasification; Crude phenols

28. I made my own crude garden furniture.

29. Report hate speech, violent, or crude content.

30. Kenya currently imports all crude petroleum requirements.

31. This is only a first crude effort.

32. Nev! Must you be quite so crude?

33. Crude oil is a precious natural resource.

34. Paraffinic crude is most commonly used for base oils although naphtenic crude has certain superior characteristics for some applications.

35. 5 Rudy was loud-mouthed and crude.

36. The present invention pertains to a sludge treatment device of waste crude oil and crude oil and a method thereof.

37. Polymer flooding technics can stabilize crude oil output, but it also increases the difficulty of crude oil demulsification and sewage treatment.

38. 42% of crude steel produced is recycled material.

39. Manufacture from crude wool grease of heading 1505

40. The comic backchat is often crude and indecent.

41. They refine crude oil into various petroleum products.

42. Excess resin is suspended in the crude homogenate.

43. Iran replaced Oman as the largest crude supplier.

44. Their daily work is to refine crude oil.

45. 10 Exports: cotton, crude oil, palm products, cacao.

46. Detectives described the burglary as 'crude and amateurish'.

47. Pools of crude oil stretch in every direction.

48. Pop music was condemned as decadent and crude.

49. Ice is a mineral; crude oil is not.

50. Crude oil is the world's most important commodity.