deity in English

a god or goddess (in a polytheistic religion).
a deity of ancient Greece

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1. Altar to an Unnamed Deity

2. 6) It's a fictile deity.

3. Time is a gentle deity, said Sophocles.

4. Coin depicting Melkart, chief deity of Tyre

5. My chosen deity, vishnu, has abandoned me.

6. That skull is no mere deity carving.

7. Guanyin is deity of mercy and compassion.

8. These might represent the deity, the donor, or neither.

9. The tutelary deity of the city was Tishpak (Tišpak).

10. If a deity is unaligned, your alignment doesn't matter.

11. Festivalgoers leave offerings for the Hindu deity Lord Shiva.

12. He even extended the pattern to apply to the deity.

13. Of course, the agora needed its own patron deity.

14. Used as a title for the Hindu deity Krishna.

15. Shiva is regarded as the guardian deity of the country.

16. Your holy crusade is led by men, not some precious deity.

17. Many animals were seen as the manifestation of a deity.

18. However, if you are unaligned, you can serve any deity.

19. The Kalachakra deity resides in the center of the mandala.

20. It is a place that was designated as the important intangible cultural asset No. 13 and displays a tutelary deity that is the main deity of Ganneung Danoje.

21. How can Christians possibly project a deity of such cruelty and vindictiveness?”

22. Its origins lie in a worship of Surya, the Hindu solar deity.

23. These were dedicated to Inti, their sun god and greatest deity.

24. Silver coin with Alexander the Great depicted as a Greek deity

25. A Hindu deity with many arms flashes up on the screen.

26. Dagda, an ancient Irish deity, literally translates as 'the good god'.

27. I found an alcove with a statue of a Hindu deity.

28. Yahweh Elohim So in Genesis 2 the deity is Yahweh Elohim.

29. 10 The incarnation a Hindu deity, especially Vishnu, in human or animal form.

30. Is he a deity bearing off animals that have been sacrificed to him?

31. Only the deity of the ruined temple remains unworshipped in deathless neglect.

32. Why are these other gods ultimately denied the status of true Deity?

33. Nun: primordial deity of the waters of chaos, depicted in human form.

34. LIKE a deity , radio spectrum is invisible, omnipresent and commands awesome power.

35. Nun: primordial deity of the waters of chaos(Sentence dictionary), depicted in human form.

36. As a deity of creation and life it was also associated with Osiris.

37. According to Hellenic myth, general deity? Zeus has a grandiose temple on Olympus.

38. Symbolically the deity confers the initiations and the mandala is where the initiations takes place.

39. Here Octavian built a lavished temple to his patron deity Mars, the god of war.

40. The same line of reasoning confirms the sun-disc as a manifestation of a deity.

41. In the Puranic and the Epics literature, deity Brahma appears more often, but inconsistently.

42. 13 The incarnation of a hindu deity, especially Vishnu, in human or animal form.

43. She thought of herself as having a direct link with her chaotically evil deity.

44. The leader of the atheistic state, the dialectician of materialism should invoke the Deity.

45. 24 Originally religion constituted an abiding relationship not only with deity, but even more with place.

46. In the Late Period, the hieroglyph of the bird was used to represent this deity directly.

47. The Holy Spirit is that part of the deity given us to enable us to pray.

48. First, there are basically at the same stage of development, for a number of polytheistic deity.

49. Originally religion constituted an abiding relationship not only with deity, but even more with place.

50. Speaking through various medicine-men, the deity suggested sending a Navajo delegation eastward to Taos.