del rio in English

a city in southwestern Texas, on the Rio Grande; population 36,682 (est. 2008).

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1. Why all the way to Del Rio?

2. Cuban woman sorts tobacco leaves at a farm in Pinar del Rio February 200

3. Linebacker Jack Del Rio had two interceptions, including an 84-yard touchdown, as the Bears dropped to 4-

4. A worker leans against the doorframe of a curing barn at a tobacco farm in Cuba's western province of Pinar del Rio February 200

5. Junipero Serra was responsible for building nine of the missions. One of these was Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo in the present city of Carmel.

6. 23 Obviously, I had made a mistake: there was a living soul between Del Rio and El Paso, one only mosquito, The Survivor, just beside me, around me, on me, zzzzz.