delay line in English

a device producing a specific desired delay in the transmission of a signal.
Fortunately for us, we are dealing with digital signals where a delay line can be implemented with nothing more than a FIFO (first in, first out) buffer.

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1. VDL? Variable Delay Line?

2. Delay line; Delay element, general symbol.

3. Smart card with nrss delay line for data alignment

4. In this thesis, an improved serpentine delay line is proposed in order to eliminate the far-end crosstalk encountered in the traditional serpentine delay line.

5. Acoustic and electronic echo cancellation using high resolution delay line

6. The operational principle of the optical fiber delay line was presented.

7. The test results of the optical fiber delay line were offered.

8. O quantum well to tune acoustic velocity in the SAW delay line.

9. This also generates a bias signal required by the delay line chip.

10. Fast store from which information is immediately available, e . g . , delay line containing one word.

11. Perhaps you fathom each other in each other's hearts, but not taken the delay line.

12. The sensor element is constructed by a one-port SAW resonator and a delay line.

13. Suitable for COMMAG and COMMOPT, also available with pre-amplifier in combination with delay line.

14. The design of a large-capacity delay line is a key technology of real-time convolver.

15. The design of two-dimensional optical orthogonal code fiber delay line encoder and decoder, and the ...

16. IC2 is used as the buffer stage in the active lowpass filter ahead of the delay line.

17. The two-phase clock signal for the delay line is provided by a matching clock generator chip.

18. The continuous - time tap delay line is realized by lumped LC ladder, providing linear and wideband characteristics.

19. The design combined an accurate digital counter and a delay line interpolation circuit to make the time interval measurement.

20. Different twist ratios are different lengths, the shortest electrical delay line to the electrical length as the cable length.

21. The best one is a digitally produced effect using a digital delay line having at least 16-bit resolution.

22. Distance deception jamming is the most important way for radar countermeasure, and delay line is one of its critical technologies.

23. 10 The best one is a digitally produced effect using a digital delay line having at least 16-bit resolution.

24. This reverberation unit is based on a c.c.d. delay line that has been designed specifically for operation in reverberation circuits.

25. Amplitude variations of the response impulse, due to variations of a capacitance externally connected to the SAW delay line are evaluated.

26. This is limited by the delay line chip, but signal levels of up to at least one volt r.m.s. can be accommodated.

27. The time to execute instructions was highly dependent of where they were in memory (due to the use of delay line memory).

28. An artificial delay line which was designed by using the DYL integrated linear AND-OR gate created first in China were proposed.

29. The surface acoustic wave resonator (102) and the delay line (104) are configured to provide a zero at an undesired frequency or stopband.

30. The high-pass filter is unsuitable for use as a delay line because the delay in the pass band depends markedly on frequency.

31. An IF delay line is introduced in the IF differential demodulator to prevent broadband communication from acquiring the synchronization of the IF carrier.

32. Introduces a new code SAW passive wireless sensing system. The sensor element is constructed by a one-port SAW resonator and a delay line.

33. It consists of a multiwire proportional chamber, a delay line, a main amplifier, a timing single channel amplitude analyser and a time to amplitude converter.

34. Optical bistability experiments have been performed using an integrated acoustooptic modulator by making use of a surface acoustic-wave delay line in the feedback loop.

35. A notch filter (100) includes a parallel coupled delay line (104) and surface acoustic wave resonator (102) which provides a pole at a desired passband.

36. In particular, in 1944 Eckert wrote his description of a memory unit (the mercury delay line) which would hold both the data and the program.

37. The time between some response impulses in a SAW delay line, caused by acoustical reflectors in different distances, accurately is measured by 3 different signal integrating methods.

38. A compensation method to realize a optimum notch filter is developed and implemented by matching the loss of fiber delay line with the coupling-coefficient of couplers.

39. The electrodes are electrically coupled together through an amplifier (24) which forms a positive feedback loop delay line which effectively transfers surface acoustic waves from one substrate to another.

40. A passive responder using a shear acoustic wave delay line (105) is embedded in a cement (104) inside a cavity (102) provided in the object to be protected (101).

41. The sensor element is constructed by a one-port SAW resonator and a delay line. The input signal is an interval sinusoidal signal and its response is an oscillating signal.

42. Due to the frequency selectivity and high insertion loss of SAW device, the input must be high pulse whose spectrum width can cover the center frequency of SAW tap delay line.

43. The simulated results show that burst loss probability can be reduced by 1 to 2 orders of magnitude compared with the conventional schemes of fiber delay line in optical switching networks.