delayed in English

make (someone or something) late or slow.
the train was delayed
synonyms: detain hold up make lateslow up/down bog down hinder hamper impede obstruct

Use "delayed" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "delayed" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "delayed", or refer to the context using the word "delayed" in the English Dictionary.

1. Were they delayed?

2. Technical adjustment (delayed

3. Delayed rescue, delayed fasciotomy, and radical debridement may worsen the physical prognosis.

4. Hospital admittance was delayed.

5. Molly was unavoidably delayed.

6. 3 Delayed rescue, delayed fasciotomy, and radical debridement may worsen the physical prognosis.

7. I was unavoidably delayed.

8. Raskolnikov delayed his confession.

9. The Spaniards hardly delayed.

10. Some notifications can be delayed.

11. The film is currently delayed.

12. The plane was unexpectedly delayed.

13. He has been unaccountably delayed.

14. 15 Heavy traffic delayed us.

15. Amenorrhea, delayed menstruation, menstrual irregularity.

16. Delayed impression header information toggle.

17. The trial has been purposely delayed.

18. Taste and odor irritation delayed perception.

19. 1 The next estrus was delayed.

20. In muscles where motor neuron contact is delayed, gluR clustering at neuromuscular contact sites is similarly delayed.

21. Is your performance review delayed indefinitely?

22. Anaphylatoxin does not produce delayed death.

23. Delayed automatic repeat request (arq) acknowledgment

24. Red - Delayed, updating in real time

25. Taste and smell irritations, delayed perception.

26. They were masters at delayed gratification.

27. The natural price-adjustment process was delayed.

28. Currently, the German plan has been delayed.

29. Delayed response could hurt the brand's sales.

30. You may be fined for delayed payment.

31. Conditional access terminal initiation of delayed handover

32. The election was delayed by two weeks.

33. The bus was delayed by a cloudburst.

34. She wired that she would be delayed.

35. What explains this trend toward delayed childbearing?

36. Our sailboat was delayed by contrary wind.

37. Maybe it's a delayed effect from radiation.

38. Medication Decreased Libido Delayed or No Orgasm.

39. Our meeting was delayed for ten minutes.

40. Why have they delayed opening the school?

41. The occurrence of storms delayed our trip.

42. My plane was delayed by an hour.

43. Filming was delayed because of bad weather.

44. But the opening date has been delayed.

45. This dispute delayed the construction of the interchange.

46. Presumably the bad weather has delayed the flight.

47. She's suffering a delayed reaction to the shock.

48. He was late and I similarly was delayed.

49. Delayed menarche, dysmenorrheal. Can conceive, delivered mostly girls.

50. 7 I'm afraid it's been delayed yet again.