delectation in English

pleasure and delight.
a box of chocolates for their delectation

Use "delectation" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "delectation" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "delectation", or refer to the context using the word "delectation" in the English Dictionary.

1. Bless the festival delectation!

2. Wishing you works delectation!

3. Wish we cooperate the delectation!

4. Choose the rattan farmland, spend the delectation and comfortable time.

5. And now for your further delectation, we present a selection of popular melodies.

6. She makes scones and cakes for the delectation of visitors.

7. Remain youth, happy good luck, happy peace and health, the spirit delectation.

8. We share with Jake a sense of distanced knowing, even delectation.

9. I now feel, they read the story that I speak all very delectation .

10. Learn on the opposed more of the delectation Be merry to dedicate one's mind.

11. Today is Mother's Day and wish all mother festival delectation in the world!

12. To the situation of vegetable Yun, she current puny pity, and then have light delectation.

13. She frequently took pity on me and brought along a few choice dishes from home for my delectation.

14. Only rarely are nature documentaries not complicit in exploiting the natural world for our delectation.

15. Hope you to have a holidays of delectation here and harvest the thing that you want.

16. We also hope that you can make money a little more, hope that we cooperate the delectation .

17. Real happiness is optimism to the life, to the delectation of the work, to the excitement of business.

18. Not even the Seattle earthquake could deflect these usual suspects from their mission to keep the Clinton era alive for our delectation.

19. Some were of opinion that Staggs's Gardens derived its name from a deceased capitalist, one Mr. Staggs, who had built it for his delectation.

20. The teacher hold tight topic diagram of two story establish a wonderful scenario and pursue studies to living to create easy delectation of study atmosphere.

21. The select of the bride's evening dress is also count for much, perfect begin, certainly also want perfect recommend for a day of delectation.

22. This world had you, so become more fine; Let this quarterly of the sunlight and mirths all condescend to come lightly because of you, wishing your life delectation!

23. I followed him to the rear of the shop, and he began to haul down from the shelves box after box,[Sentencedict] displaying their contents for my delectation.

24. After breakfast my hostess informed me that the lady for whose delectation I had been invited to sing was ill in bed, and that I would have to serenade her from her bed-room door.