delegacy in English

a body of delegates; a committee or delegation.
Hopefully, under his leadership, the network and number of delegacies will expand and become still more active.

Use "delegacy" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "delegacy" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "delegacy", or refer to the context using the word "delegacy" in the English Dictionary.

1. Member of delegacy of many 130 China attended flag-raising ceremony.

2. The second section introduces the basic connotation and performing forms of corporation delegacy.

3. The introduction expatiates the significance of studying corporation delegacy system.

4. On the basic connotations of delegacy , it sets forth the definition and properties of it, and discriminates the operation enforcement right which is more easy confused with the delegacy .

5. Evening, delegacy still attended the party of company of Boeing civilian aircraft.

6. Handicapped Olympic Games delegacy of every nation had been lived in the Olympic village.

7. They, it is 60 delegates of delegacy of 16 big Hunan.

8. On opening ceremony of the 10th Olympic Games, chinese delegacy enters.

9. The third section introduces the delegacy issues of corporation directors and supervisors.

10. Since 200 david Lee is one of members of delegacy of Chinese film United States all the time.

11. It is in such dangerous situation, all surveillance tail the activity that does not manacle delegacy.

12. Chinese cartel meets standing vice - president Comrade Chen Chong to led Chinese delegacy attend this meeting.

13. The law in Germany establishes the delegacy system because of the two law systems' s different understanding to agency.

14. Ma Yun is an action creed person, this year " two meetings " during after visiting Guangdong delegacy mysteriously before long, had real operation.

15. Chinese sports delegacy achieved 21 gold, 16 silver and the result of 12 copper, rank after gold gross is located in Russia

16. Shang Fulin is to attending clearance of conference of delegacy of Shanghai of countrywide National People's Congress to make this state.

17. SamSung business is used still offer safety of complete set shift to print a solution for the athlete delegacy place where troops are stationed such as Germany.

18. The delegacy of labor union is that labor union has the rights or qualifications to be the representative of the members and employees' benefits which affirmed by the law.

19. It is bureau of religion of delegacy adviser , country below the speech that Wang Zunan deputy director general publishs on the open mode forum that in Washington cloth Lujinsi learns to hold .