delegating in English

entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person, typically one who is less senior than oneself.
he delegates routine tasks

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "delegating" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "delegating", or refer to the context using the word "delegating" in the English Dictionary.

1. Excessive delegating can lead to disaster.

2. Yet, delegating does not mean loss of control.

3. You may be saying , yes , delegating requires cash.

4. Delegating and training became characteristics of the Christian congregation.

5. Delegating also means getting help with necessary details.

6. Delegating tasks will ensure that the job is completed satisfactorily.

7. Delegating is the executive's greatest need as well as greatest privilege.

8. Develop important skills like negotiating and delegating, and'saying no'at times.

9. The nurse uses judgement regarding individual competence when accepting and delegating responsibility.

10. I guess it would have to be my difficulty delegating authority.

11. The nurse uses judgement regarding individual competence accepting and delegating responsibility.

12. Managers are constantly being told to spend more time planning and delegating.

13. Organizing involves dividing the work responsibilities and assigning them to employees ( delegating ).

14. This process requires dealing and communicating and delegating tasks and decisions to employees.

15. In our experiment, where a traveler delegating and theautomaticallythe model is validated.

16. Delegating % 1 prohibits role and task definitions in this scope from having authorization rules.

17. You are thus delegating the right to achieve failure as well as success.

18. As they received complaints about this see-sawing, they began to refine their delegating behavior.

19. By delegating its logistics activities to Penske, PepsiCo was able to achieve significant cost improvements.

20. Another cause of ineffective delegating is thinking that you can do the work better yourself.

21. Dennis's mornings were fully taken up meeting clients, delegating responsibilities, processing figures and accessing data.

22. By delegating tasks according to people's abilities, you'll deliver this project on time and under budget.

23. Organizing, planning, supervising, directing, coordinating and delegating skills and ability to apply motivational techniques and methods.

24. We then invent criteria to back up the choice, delegating our responsibility to professional specialists.

25. Critics say the law upsets the balance of power by delegating legislative authority to the executive branch.

26. It is for the monarch to appoint counsellors of state whenever she wishes, delegating whatever powers she wishes.

27. On December 16, however, Abkhazia signed a special "union treaty" delegating some of its sovereign powers to Soviet Georgia.

28. Any proxy making an application shall present the letter of authorization signed personally by the person delegating the authorization.

29. It is for the monarch to appoint counsellors of state whenever she wishes, delegating whatever powers she wishes.

30. 22 Critics say the law upsets the balance of power by delegating legislative authority to the executive branch.

31. He experimented with a chairman of the board management style, delegating details to others without surrendering overall control.

32. Finally, headquarters staff functions were streamlined by delegating some to store managers and contracting others to outside vendors.

33. He or she must be confident about delegating responsibility for aspects of the Compact programme to appropriate members of staff.

34. As is typical with MBean implementation classes, each of the operations is trivial to implement, delegating to the underlying managed object.

35. Before delegating a visitor the Abbot General or the Father Immediate must consult the abbot of the monastery to be visited.

36. Although he seems to prefer delegating tasks to lower level members of the Kurou, he is a formidable opponent when forced to draw his sword.

37. The leader should be unbiased, patient and possess people management skills, recognizing capabilities and delegating responsibilities accordingly, standing for what he or she believes in, fearlessly.

38. The SMEs may be offered favorable financial services and support by enhancing competition in local credit markets and delegating more lending authority to local branches of stated-owned banks.

39. Both the one delegating and the one invited to perform the task should have an understanding of the expected results and the extent of progress reports to be made.

40. By delegating, others do much of the day-to-day work in your organization, freeing you up to manage, plan, and take on the kinds of jobs that only you can do as a manager.

41. Jehovah God is designated as the Source of law, the Supreme Lawgiver (Isa 33:22), the Sovereign, delegating authority (Ps 73:28; Jer 50:25; Lu 2:29; Ac 4:24; Re 6:10), without whose permission or allowance no authority can be exercised.