delegation in English

a body of delegates or representatives; a deputation.
a delegation of teachers
the act or process of delegating or being delegated.
prioritizing tasks for delegation

Use "delegation" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "delegation" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "delegation", or refer to the context using the word "delegation" in the English Dictionary.

1. We'll integrate their delegation.

2. Congress must abide by its delegation of authority until that delegation is legislatively altered or revoked....

3. Delegation coordinators will be provided with appropriate access codes for making hotel reservations for their delegation electronically.


5. Delegation achieves this at minimal cost.

6. The delegation completed its mission successfully.

7. 1 Congress must abide by its delegation of authority until that delegation is legislatively altered or revoked....

8. The delegation drove to the guesthouse.

9. All managers should learn effective delegation.

10. A trade delegation will visit Kuwait.

11. Our delegation flew to Zanzibar on June

12. The delegation included representatives from nine nations.

13. She refused to meet the union delegation.

14. The Sudanese government sent the biggest delegation.

15. The Algerian delegation subscribes to the statement of the Group of # which was made by the Indonesian delegation last # une

16. When is the delegation flying into town?

17. The delegation will arrive on Monday morning.

18. Among them was a delegation from Oxfordshire.

19. Note: Your organization may restrict email delegation.

20. A delegation has been hurried to Africa.

21. The delegation is at your discretion, Mr. President.

22. Kim Yoon-ok and a high-level delegation.

23. The delegation arrived for talks with their government.

24. The delegation was headed by our Foreign Minister.

25. The President named him to head the delegation.

26. China sent a large delegation to the meeting.

27. That broadly is the composition of the delegation.

28. An Indian Business delegation is accompanying the President.

29. A well-known academic will head the delegation.

30. Many of the delegation members had begun to weep.

31. Members of the Irish delegation staged a walk-out .

32. We were listening for the arrival of the delegation.

33. She is expected to be accompanied by a high-level delegation including the Ministers of Agriculture and Women Empowerment and a business delegation.

34. The same delegation queried UNICEF actions for disabled children

35. The delegation has secured the promise of a ceasefire.

36. By all this argument the Turkish delegation were unmoved.

37. Please find out what time the delegation will come.

38. The top post in the delegation was still vacant.

39. Kemp met with the California delegation on Monday afternoon.

40. Thus, the Court concluded that the delegation was unconstitutionally broad.

41. The UK delegation was led by Mr. George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, UK while Sh. Arun Jaitley, Minister of Finance led the Indian delegation.

42. On the trip , the U.S. delegation met with former enemies .

43. A delegation from Spain has/have arrived for a month.

44. The delegation will visit several Middle Eastern countries for talks.

45. You can say a source close to the Chinese delegation.

46. The army provided a small armed escort for the delegation.

47. The delegation decided to prolong their visit by one week.

48. The government invited an international delegation to inspect the plant.

49. Many of these tasks can be dealt with by delegation.

50. 2 The following principles are guides to delegation of authority.