delegations in English

a body of delegates or representatives; a deputation.
a delegation of teachers
the act or process of delegating or being delegated.
prioritizing tasks for delegation

Use "delegations" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "delegations" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "delegations", or refer to the context using the word "delegations" in the English Dictionary.

1. seeing to the organisation and accompanying of human rights delegations and ad hoc delegations

2. b) The adjustment of the network of Delegations, including the possibility of opening certain new Delegations.

3. The committee coordinates the work of the interparliamentary delegations and ad hoc delegations falling within its remit.

4. Question:Is the composition of delegations known?

5. Delegations will be seated in English alphabetical order

6. Soviet and Chinese delegations also avoided each other.

7. The delegations agreed to amend the following texts:

8. Official Spokesperson:The composition of the delegations is known.

9. But the foreign business delegations and conferences are multiplying.

10. Our delegations have been discussing these issues for months.

11. Both delegations included representatives of relevant Ministries and agencies.

12. I hope that the procedures are clear to all delegations.

13. Connects China organizes trade Mission delegations from China and U.

14. Organising public hearings, conferences, missions by ad hoc delegations, etc.

15. Sector delegations and member States stressed the need for additional resources

16. accountability for internal control of Delegations (see paragraphs 34 and 35);

17. Several delegations said the cluster approach added value to humanitarian response.

18. Delegations may rent office space at the ACV during the Conference

19. The Conference of Presidents shall be responsible for authorising ad hoc delegations.

20. Several delegations indicated that topics A, B and C all had merit.

21. High frequency of corrective actions resulting from the Delegations' ex-ante controls.

22. Imprest administrators and persons empowered to administer accounts in the Union delegations

23. The delegations had begun to build up some trust in one another.

24. Many delegations welcomed the implementation phase of the strategic plan, 2008-2011.

25. • Incorporate the EDF accounts in ABAC and train staff in 46 Delegations,

26. - Incorporate the EDF accounts in ABAC and train staff in 46 Delegations,

27. Some delegations asked how advocacy, national execution and accountability would be strengthened.

28. The decisions of the union delegations will probably mean a continuing wrangle.

29. Some delegations preferred Variant B and chose the expression “actions are time-barred”.

30. The statements of account drawn up by supervisors are checked by the Delegations.

31. All interested delegations and representatives of non-governmental organizations are invited to attend.

32. The delegations were headed by the deputy chairs of the republican Supreme Soviets.

33. The delegations comprised the representatives from relevant Ministries and agencies of both countries.

34. Following the informal meeting, EAM hosted an iftar reception for participating SAARC delegations.

35. The talks ended abruptly when one of the delegations walked out in protest.

36. We would request delegations to provide the secretariat with the appropriate information in advance

37. The delegations again failed to agree on when or where the negotiations should resume.

38. The delegations comprised of representatives from relevant ministries and agencies of the two countries.

39. The delegations comprised of representatives from relevant Ministries and agencies of the two countries.

40. Some other delegations remarked that the existing regulations already take into account accident conditions.

41. Delegations of the 1st Polish Corps in the USSR have come for the exequies.

42. Chinese women in bright pink frilly dresses led each of the 146 national delegations.

43. Several delegations, including that from Britain, expressed disappointment at the slowness of the progress.

44. Issues would only be resolved through interactive dialogue, not the absence of certain delegations.

45. All Directorates carry out monitoring/verification missions of their Delegations' management of devolved operations.

46. But now high level delegations will reopen talks that broke up earlier this year.

47. Support systems provided by the Commission (Headquarters/Delegations) for the administration of the recipient state

48. Parallel to that, members of the Subcommittee were able to participate in ad hoc delegations.

49. All access cards will be issued to delegations at the protocol accreditation unit in Doha

50. The UNDP Associate Administrator thanked delegations for their interventions and praised the ongoing consultative process.