deleting in English

remove or obliterate (written or printed matter), especially by drawing a line through it or marking it with a delete sign.
the passage was deleted

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1. Error deleting layers

2. Deleting Tense Description

3. - conditions for deleting expired alerts,

4. He later admitted deleting a Financial Times file.

5. To cancel without deleting the portal site, click Cancel.

6. Deleting a location group/business account cannot be undone.

7. Deleting the private keys to change the current security level.

8. The term configuration describes moving, adding, or deleting persistent objects.

9. Other facilities for changing, deleting and processing data are also provided.

10. That way you can save their files before deleting their account.

11. The deleting of Twitter accounts shows the price of all this.

12. Deleting tap activity will also delete in-store taps from your device.

13. Deleting a purpose will reset this CTL. Do you want to continue?

14. A terabyte of space makes deleting old files virtually unnecessary, for example.

15. Deleting when the conditions for maintaining the alert cease to be met

16. These include creating, deleting, renaming, moving a child node, and enumerating children.

17. To alter ( a legislative measure, for example ) formally by adding, deleting, or rephrasing.

18. Counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemy.

19. Deleting the Access Control List on folder %# for user %# failed. The server returned: %

20. Other multi select actions include editing shared properties, grouping, aligning, copying, and deleting.

21. Administrators can disable QuickTime parsing in Quartz.dll by deleting the following registry key :

22. Deleting the row or removing the contents from the row will have no effect.

23. On the following day , the Philippines hackers responded by deleting/ clearing the Chinese websites .

24. And now, on with the considerably more destructive process of deleting applications from Windows.

25. Click the Cancel button to return to the Reminders page without deleting these reminders.

26. The invention can avoid a check bit of indirect continual deleting the LDPC code.

27. Describes how to delete rows in the database by deleting objects in the object model.

28. Attackers will most likely try to erase their tracks by editing or deleting log files.

29. Note: If you have more than one Google Account, deleting one won’t delete the others.

30. Error: While deleting the linked list holding the enumerated products that can be checked out.

31. Instead of deleting entire categories of your browsing data, you can pick items to delete:

32. Deleting the content from the Metro column causes the ad group to inherit all targeting settings.

33. It only provides functionality for adding and deleting partitions, but not for setting an active partition.

34. Removing, deleting, and excluding each describe a different degree of disassociation from the project or solution.

35. Elsewhere, even such fragile respite is rare, the production deleting all possibilities of redemption or relief.

36. Note: Deleting your recovery phone number doesn’t delete it from being used for other Google services.

37. Note that hiding or deleting a YouTube channel will permanently delete all Community posts, comments and replies.

38. If you want to transfer a user's email to another account, do it before deleting the account.

39. A chronic QUEUE_FULL condition had been "cured" by intentionally deleting the underlying file out from under the queue.

40. Task 7 Objective To delete files Before deleting a file make sure that it is no longer required.

41. The Commission accepts Amendment 51 in part by deleting the phrase that could have caused distortion of competition.

42. Note: Deleting all of your Maps history doesn't delete places you've saved, shared, or were asked to review.

43. The F4 shortcut will repeat nearly all the actions you take on document text: typing: formatting, deleting.

44. This had the effect of instantly deleting large portions of the savings and accumulated capital of private citizens.

45. If that doesn't fix the problem, try deleting your Gmail address from your email client, then re-adding it.

46. It can happen, however, most often due to faulty hardware or operational mistakes (like deleting a transaction log file).

47. Altering the shape is therefore achieved by moving or deleting the existing points and adding new points if required.

48. You can avoid this problem by deleting any files in: RAM- as soon as you have finished with them.

49. The Audience lists table helps you manage your remarketing lists by searching, sorting, filtering, applying labels, deleting, and grouping lists.

50. Similarly the first column corresponds to an empty target word, so it is the cost of deleting 0, ..., i letters.