deletion in English

the action or process of deleting something.
deletion of a file
the loss or absence of a section from a nucleic acid molecule or chromosome.
These studies demonstrate the utility of chromosome deletions for complex trait analysis.

Use "deletion" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "deletion" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "deletion", or refer to the context using the word "deletion" in the English Dictionary.

1. Right of access, correction and deletion

2. Deletion: one dollar per ten - tonnage.

3. Deletion of a vehicle from the register.

4. 10 Deletion: one dollar per ten - tonnage.

5. Schema deletion failed: class is used as poss superior.

6. Deletion and mutation of CTCF is associated with cancer.

7. Schema deletion failed: class is used as auxiliary class.

8. In vitro transcription activity of N-terminal deletion of RAP

9. Is there any plans to reinstate the character deletion?

10. You can also set up automatic deletion for older activity.

11. If you delete a file, Time Machine tracks that deletion.

12. 8) Schema deletion failed: class is used as poss superior.

13. In addition, FDX1 deletion greatly impacted stress response and cortisol synthesis.

14. This involved the deletion of a great deal of irrelevant material.

15. Unable to lock the database for deletion of the document library.

16. Only look at enabled sitelinks; ignore those marked for deletion.

17. Administrator tool for secure shredding ( unrecoverable deletion ) of entire IDE disks.

18. The child types in a guess for each deletion in turn.

19. Information must be stored so that it is secure from accidental deletion.

20. The deletion or suspension limit set in GCDS has been reached.

21. The deletion of the derogation for niche manufacturers will reduce administrative burden.

22. 30 days after an advertiser or partner has been scheduled for deletion:

23. In non - coding region It'shows mutation of single nucleotide deletion or substitution.

24. The Work Deletion and Keystones of Short Message Chicane Casesin Our Country.

25. The subject deletion in tag-question is a common phenomenon in informal English.

26. Right of access, correction of inaccurate data and deletion of unlawfully stored data

27. Tag-Controlled Deletion is a rule of the abbreviated style in informal language.

28. Domain deletion and substitution mutants of t-PA are not superior thrombolytic agents.

29. Once deletion is requested, data associated with this user identifier will be removed from the Individual User Report within 72 hours, and then deleted from Analytics servers during the next deletion process.

30. To investigate the relationship between isoniazid - resistance and Kat G gene mutation or deletion.

31. Deletion of paragraphs # and # of Article #b implies a consequential amendment to Article #b

32. * Applicants for deletion of ECR status in passports without any change in personal particulars;

33. 11 Domain deletion and substitution mutants of t-PA are not superior thrombolytic agents.

34. Information on misused identity should be deleted after the deletion of the alert

35. This effect was similar to one caused by deletion of the TAM receptor Mer.

36. Change in the colouring system of the product (addition, deletion or replacement of colorant(s

37. * Application for deletion of ECR status in passports without any change of personal particulars, and

38. Further deletion to -90 and/ or -55 leads to a further small decrease in activity.

39. Users could try to modify the vehicle's motion data (addition, modification, deletion, replay of signal)

40. Other emendation records , e . g . addition , deletion and correction, are shown in the same way.

41. DNA damage caused by many factors may lead to missense mutation, deletion or illegal recombination.

42. Conclusion Inherited afibrinogenemia is caused by the compound heterozygous deletion in the fibrinogen FGA gene.

43. The supplying CIS partner shall advise the other partners of any correction or deletion affected

44. You might need to adjust the shared contact deletion limit for that first sync.

45. Books categories of standards development and the type of information input, inquiries, modification, deletion.

46. Apart from the successive deletion of correct words from the input, the lattices are identical.

47. The deletion of a gene may result in death or in a block of cell division.

48. It is the aim of the authorities to prevent such deletion by means of exchange control.

49. Forteau proposed the deletion of the phrase “ab initio”, since it was unnecessary and potentially confusing.

50. One dialect reflects the reduction process by contraction alone, the other dialect by contraction or deletion.