demonstrate in English

clearly show the existence or truth of (something) by giving proof or evidence.
their shameful silence demonstrates their ineptitude
take part in a public demonstration.
thousands demonstrated in favor of the government
synonyms: protest rally march stage a sit-in picket strike walk out mutiny rebel

Use "demonstrate" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "demonstrate" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "demonstrate", or refer to the context using the word "demonstrate" in the English Dictionary.

1. Please demonstrate how the machine works.

2. demonstrate what you mean by that?

3. Demonstrate inviting Bible student to Memorial.

4. The songs demonstrate Costello's deft wordplay.

5. And I'm going to demonstrate for you.

6. How did Ammon demonstrate love for Lamoni?

7. We are defending the right to demonstrate.

8. Both demonstrate the dangers of the monoculture.

9. How do the senses demonstrate God’s goodness?

10. Demonstrate presentation of latest issues of magazines.

11. What faith did Abel demonstrate, and how?

12. • In what ways can we demonstrate humility?

13. You need to demonstrate more self-control.

14. Demonstrate how the system identifies base period.

15. Demonstrate how each issue may be offered.

16. I will now demonstrate how machine works.

17. How did Jesus demonstrate his love for God?

18. These problems demonstrate the importance of strategic planning.

19. The following examples demonstrate this to some extent.

20. You have to demonstrate that you are reliable.

21. We must also demonstrate a good track record.

22. Have publisher demonstrate presentations in paragraphs 7-8.

23. 13, 14. (a) How does Jehovah demonstrate reasonableness?

24. Let me demonstrate to you the harmonic series.

25. To demonstrate or show by an example; exemplify.

26. Ding Wen and Xin Mei demonstrate Doodle Kids.

27. • Accept people's limitations 3.2 Demonstrate authenticity with others

28. How did Jesus demonstrate what Christians must do?

29. These facts demonstrate the folly of the policy.

30. Have experienced publishers demonstrate several introductions that are effective.

31. 6 In what other ways does Jehovah demonstrate loyalty?

32. How do you demonstrate that the pressure remains constant?

33. We want to demonstrate our commitment to human rights.

34. Demonstrate ability to diagnose papular and nodular skin lesions.

35. Turn to chapter 1, and demonstrate our study method.

36. Demonstrate a brief magazine presentation using the current issues.

37. How do you demonstrate that the earth is round?

38. My assistant will now demonstrate the machine in action.

39. 1 These problems demonstrate the importance of strategic planning.

40. The third law of motion is easy to demonstrate.

41. How did David and Nehemiah demonstrate a volunteer spirit?

42. Young people demonstrate in the streets against the Mafia.

43. How can we demonstrate appreciation to our Host, Jehovah?

44. Have qualified publisher demonstrate presentations in paragraphs 7-8.

45. 10 min: How to Demonstrate Respect in the Ministry.

46. Thousands have braved icy rain to demonstrate their support.

47. Recent events demonstrate the need of change in policy.

48. 8 Ding Wen and Xin Mei demonstrate Doodle Kids.

49. Then she was asked to demonstrate her work system.

50. Let me demonstrate to you how this machine works.