demonstrators in English

a person who takes part in a public protest meeting or march.
Social unrest was exploding as anti-war protestors and civil rights demonstrators used the public stage to express their views.
a person who shows how a particular piece of equipment works or how a skill or craft is performed.
With snow not normally found at this time of year, even in the nearby Peak District, the demonstrators took to trampolines to give a display of their skills.

Use "demonstrators" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "demonstrators" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "demonstrators", or refer to the context using the word "demonstrators" in the English Dictionary.

1. Thai Demonstrators Hold " Bloody " Protest

2. Angry demonstrators chased him away.

3. The police grouped round the demonstrators.

4. Demonstrators immobilized tanks using gasoline bombs.

5. Thousands of demonstrators ringed the building.

6. Demonstrators broke through the police cordon.

7. Demonstrators had massed outside the embassy.

8. The police grouped about the demonstrators.

9. Demonstrators demanded the removal of foreign bases.

10. The demonstrators brandished banners and shouted slogans.

11. Police fought a pitched battle against demonstrators.

12. Clashes broke out between police and demonstrators.

13. The demonstrators marched on the Italian embassy.

14. Demonstrators protested against superpower hegemonism and expansionism.

15. They followed the "T10K" prototypes and demonstrators.

16. Demonstrators demanded immediate autonomy for their region.

17. The university suspended the most recalcitrant demonstrators.

18. 10 Demonstrators chanted 'down with the rebels'.

19. An unknown number of demonstrators were arrested.

20. The demonstrators distributed leaflets to passers-by.

21. The demonstrators dispersed when the soldiers arrived.

22. Demonstrators were hurling bricks through the windows.

23. 13 The demonstrators unfurled a large banner.

24. The demonstrators were ejected from the hall.

25. The demonstrators carried banners bearing various slogans.

26. Demonstrators became increasingly defiant of police controls.

27. Several demonstrators were ejected from the hall.

28. The demonstrators attacked and burned buildings and cars; the soldiers responded by opening fire, killing an unknown number of demonstrators.

29. Thousands of demonstrators crowded the streets shouting slogans.

30. Their cheers drowned out the protests of demonstrators.

31. Demonstrators were pelting rocks and bottles at police.

32. 21 Police blasted the demonstrators with water cannons.

33. 27 The demonstrators carried banners bearing various slogans.

34. A group of 400 demonstrators clashed with police.

35. Troops were brought in to disperse the demonstrators.

36. 1 Demonstrators demanded immediate autonomy for their region.

37. Police had to evict demonstrators from the building.

38. The noisy demonstrators were dispersed by the police.

39. Some demonstrators began hurling bricks at the police.

40. Demonstrators then tried to storm the police headquarters.

41. The demonstrators were hurling rocks at the police.

42. Police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

43. The demonstrators were borne back by the police.

44. The demonstrators quieted down when the police arrived.

45. Police are prepared for large numbers of demonstrators.

46. The foreign secretary ran the gauntlet of demonstrators.

47. Demonstrators tried to break through the police cordon.

48. Riot police beat back the crowds of demonstrators.

49. Most of the demonstrators maintained a stony silence.

50. 3 Demonstrators handed out leaflets to passers-by.