demoralise in English

cause (someone) to lose confidence or hope; dispirit.
their rejection of the treaty has demoralized the diplomatic community
synonyms: dishearten dispirit deject cast down depress dismay daunt discourage unman unnerve crush shake throw cow subdue break someone's spiritknock the stuffing out of
corrupt the morals of (someone).
It is a perceptive account of life in an occupied city, in which victors and vanquished alike are corrupted and demoralized .

Use "demoralise" in a sentence

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1. A loss in North Rhine-Westphalia would demoralise the new government and erase its majority in the Bundesrat, the upper house.

2. When setting club competition bonuses, a low bonus may save the club a lot of money, but it may also upset or demoralise your players.

3. New problems and challenges are seen in terms of old struggles and the call for gay rights darkly interpreted as part of a Communist plot to demoralise the nation.

4. The torments Nemor had to suffer rewarded him with a special ability: he can demoralise enemy troops by a scream which reminds them about inevitability of death.