demoted in English

give (someone) a lower rank or less senior position, usually as a punishment.
the head of the army was demoted to deputy defense secretary
synonyms: downgrade relegate declassreduce in rank depose unseat displace oust cashier

Use "demoted" in a sentence

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1. Abt was consequently demoted to 18th.

2. The sergeant was demoted to private.

3. He got demoted and transferred.

4. Demoted to the cooking team!

5. So they sent me here, demoted me.

6. He was demoted from sergeant to corporal.

7. They demoted the careless waiter to busboy.

8. I was demoted and you were reassigned.

9. As punishment,the corporal was demoted to private.

10. The boss demoted the careless waiter to busboy.

11. She was later demoted to a rank of Princess Consort.

12. Got demoted for not understanding the need for a warrant.

13. He was demoted to the rank of corporal.

14. Sergeant demoted, facing prison term Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

15. Pluto has been demoted because it does not dominate its neighborhood.

16. He was demoted to the rank of ordinary soldier.

17. 16 He was demoted to the rank of ordinary soldier.

18. Lieutenant Bradley was demoted to sergeant for neglect of duty.

19. He was instead tortured and demoted to the rank of a common soldier.

20. Our dear captain... has been demoted and sent to the front.

21. He also accordingly demoted his officials and noble by one rank.

22. All demons will be demoted to the Flaming Mountain from now on.

23. On 8 February 1955, Malenkov was officially demoted to deputy Prime Minister.

24. For offending the royal court, he was demoted to a prefect of Zhongzhou.

25. The woman claims she was the victim of constructive dismissal after being demoted.

26. For this peccadillo he was demoted and sent back to pound the beat.

27. He was demoted from Corporal to Courier Private First Class for biting an officer in Episode 1.

28. Nate would never have taken him off the presentation if he wasn't being moved sideways or demoted.

29. Zhenhua Port Machinery reporter on whether there was demoted risks, call the joint credit.

30. The African side-necked turtles are then also demoted to subfamily rank, as the Pelomedusinae.

31. And just under the wire this weekend, Shona Brown, was demoted to overseeing the business.

32. Cummins replaced Linda Klee, who was demoted to trial attorney and will prosecute gang-related cases, Hallinan said.

33. For instance, in 1829 the postmaster general became a Cabinet-level position, but was demoted in 18

34. Since the beginning of Hu's term, over 800 luoguan have been disciplined, demoted, or otherwise removed from office.

35. 9 And just under the wire this weekend, Shona Brown,( was demoted to overseeing the business.

36. Unfortunately Piggy had been demoted to an object of ridicule by this point in the book so nobody listened to him.

37. In the fall of 2013 he was temporarily demoted to sojang again, like many other high-ranking KPA soldiers.

38. She longs to fight for what is right, but was demoted to a position well below her skill level.

39. He was demoted from the directorship of the NKVD in favor of Nikolai Yezhov in 1936 and arrested in 1937.

40. 17 Within two weeks of the attack, both men were relieved of their commands and automatically demoted to two-star rank.

41. In May 1995, Saddam sacked his half-brother, Wathban, as Interior Minister and in July demoted his Defense Minister, Ali Hassan al-Majid.

42. Or at least that was Mr. Ma's job until, after a run-in with his supervisor, he was demoted in December to cleaning toilets.

43. Meanwhile, Lazio goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo has been demoted to second choice after a series of poor results by the Biancocelesti in mid-season.

44. Udinese's highly-rated stopper Dias Felipe is a confirmed transfer target for demoted Italian giants Juventus ?C and he's not the only Brazilian who may join the club.

45. Udinese's highly-rated stopper Dias Felipe is a confirmed transfer target for demoted Italian giants Juventus – and he's not the only Brazilian who may join the club.

46. In the Mao era even the whiff of an affair could get someone fired from their job, demoted, or sent to self-criticism sessions and even jail.

47. 18) Football is very likely to copy the abolition of Yama was demoted this strategy of drinking poison to quench thirst, and then further reduced to a Chongchao places.

48. Pluto was demoted to a newly created category, "dwarf planet," in 200 partly because of the discovery a year earlier of Eris, another icy body from Pluto's neighborhood.

49. In this process, some small foreign trade company, which will be demoted to industry is a pain, but also the baptism of the standard for exclusive export order.

50. In July 21, 1935, Chen was demoted to chief commissioner of the Red Army University as he refuted the orders of Zhang Guotao to go against Mao Zedong route of the march.