demyelinating in English

cause the loss or destruction of myelin in (nerve tissue).
a chronic demyelinating disease

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1. Guillain Barre syndrome (GBS) is an acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (AIDP).

2. Composition for and treatment of demyelinating diseases and paralysis by administration of remyelinating agents

3. Number two: study of pathogenesis of demyelinating encephalopathy from dogs with spontaneous canine distemper.

4. 24 This paper will mainly illustrate the advance in pathological mechanism of demyelinating canine distemper encephalitis.

5. This paper will mainly illustrate the advance in pathological mechanism of demyelinating canine distemper encephalitis.

6. Adverse Reaction intestinal perforation reactivation of hepatitis B demyelinating disorders (e. g. optic neuritis, Guillain-Barré syndrome

7. Within 8 weeks she developed a serious sensorimotor mixed axonal and demyelinating neuropathy and a granulomatous myositis.

8. Recurrent transverse myelitis is a rare inflammatory demyelinating disorder, which is distinguished from acute monophasic transverse myelitis and from MS.

9. Objective: To probe into the characteristics of MRI appearance in acute and subacute demyelinating encephalitis caused by compound mebendazole.

10. Objective To observe and evaluate objectively the clinical effect of Guilong Tongluo Capsule(GTC)in treating chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy(CIDP).

11. Objective To study CT and MRI features of levamisole induced demyelinating encephalopathy(LIDE), discuss the diagnostic value with CT and MRI.

12. Multiple sclerosis is a demyelinating disease affecting central nervous system induced by a chronic autoimmune disorder. Its exactly etiological mechanism remains unknown.

13. Acute WNV infection also has been associated with AFP attributed to a peripheral demyelinating process (Guillain-Barré Syndrome [GBS]), or to an anterior myelitis.

14. 11 Conclusions Demyelinating pseudotumor is characterized by perivascular lymphocytes and diffusely distributed macrophages, while the lesion is usually observed with a texture of areosis change.

15. Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) is an acquired immune-mediated inflammatory disorder of the peripheral nervous system but often can have central nervous system involvement.

16. Abnormal enhancement is not seen in PMD as opposed to some demyelinating disorders such as adrenal leukodystrophy in which enhancement is seen at the periphery of the active demyelination.

17. Under the name of “Pseudotumour Encephalitis” the author describes the results of disturbed intracranial pressure observed in Encephalitides of different aetiology, sometimes also in subacute demyelinating diseases and in tumours of the pons and brain stem which could be mimicked by a perivenous type of Encephalitis.

18. Other conditions, such as autism spectrum disorders, acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis, transverse myelitis, multiple sclerosis and GBS, often appear later in childhood or adulthood and may occur before or after the administration of the vaccines given to adolescents and adults (e.g., hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis (Tdap)).