den in English

a wild animal's lair or habitation.
He had a dank odor about him like the smell of a wild animal's den .
(of a wild animal) live in or retreat to a den.
the cubs denned in the late autumn

Use "den" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "den" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "den", or refer to the context using the word "den" in the English Dictionary.

1. de den, de di

2. Yud-say boom da gasser... den crashing der boss's heyblibber, den banished.

3. Ich werde den Müll wegwerfen.

4. toi di den truong

5. den da new ideas

6. Ban tu dau den?

7. ban den tu dau.

8. Furthermore, den sites could not be distinguished from non-den sites during aerial surveys.

9. thu moi den [thu moi nhan]

10. Father retreated to his den.

11. was Nui Ba Den.

12. 12 " Den us'll walk,'said Mammy sternly.

13. Den suffered terribly from stage fright .

14. " Den us'll walk,'said Mammy sternly.

15. Den he start ta eat kids?

16. may gio em den don anh?

17. Ba Den mountain overlooks Tây Ninh.

18. They made themselves a den in the woods.

19. Beard the lion in his den

20. Er brach den Weltrekord mit 9 Sekunden

21. The old woman wanted to den up.

22. The snakes den up during the winter.

23. Tom bearded the lion in its den.

24. Schaut auf den Taximeter 20 Mark bitte.

25. He would often retire to his den.

26. I enter the sci-fi disco den.


28. Chung ta den rap chieu bong nha?

29. Zu Ahojka siehe oben den Abschnitt nazdar, ahoj, čao.

30. They lured the bear out of its den.

31. 8) Den Namen ihres Arbeitgebers - Excelsior Electronics - kennthierzulande niemand.

32. Ersinne den Morgen , ach k ? m er doch bald.

33. That hunk is walking into the lion's den.

34. The kids are watching television in the den.

35. Molly: the den and let's chew the fat.

36. Er hat den Mantel fuer 400 Mark gekauft.

37. Den mothers do not kill ex-S.I.S.D.E. assassins.

38. Our rat's just come out of his den.

39. The wood-panelled den looked dark and forbidding.

40. He finds himself in a den of ruffians.

41. A disco isn't exactly a den of iniquity.

42. xin vui long nhuom toc toi mau den.

43. They could become a den for juvenile delinquents.

44. Doch gab es einen Film , den sie mochten.

45. Basement fully finished with den and rumpus room.

46. Merneith was buried close to Djet and Den.

47. 5 Beard the lion in his den

48. Or the bobcat, needing rabbits and beavers and den sites.

49. He has detected a seal den beneath the ice.

50. 19 The wood-panelled den looked dark and forbidding.