dendrimer in English

a synthetic polymer with a branching, treelike structure.
The nanoparticle system used by Baker's lab is based on dendrimers , star-like synthetic polymers that can carry a vast array of molecules on the ends of their arms.

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1. Keywords: carbohydrate, dendrimer, sialic acid, gallic acid, lectin, wheat germ agglutinin, Limaxflavus.

2. Application of maltotriose-coated 4th generation polypropyleneimine dendrimer ppi-g4-ds-mal-iii

3. Application of maltotriose-coated 4th generation polypropyleneimine dendrimer ppi-g4-os-mal-iii

4. Carbosilane dendrimer compounds containing sugar chains in the chemical structure and having verotoxin-neutralizing and antiviral activities.

5. However, dendrimer catalysts are not easily synthesized and rare earth Lewis acid catalysts are easily deliquescence.

6. The properties and application of polyamidoamine ( PAMAM ) dendrimer - based gadolinium agents are reviewed briefly present paper.

7. Dendritic poly ( sodium sulfonate ) ( PSS ) was synthesized from dendrimer with 8 acrylic ester double bonds and bisulfite.

8. Dendrimer - bonded silica gel is effective to separate homologous compounds of alcohol, alkyl - substituted benzene, methacrylic acid esters.

9. Polyamidoamine ( PAMAM) G4. 0 dendrimer was used as additives to nylon 6. The influence of different quantity of PAMAM on the tensile strength, impact property and MFR of nylon 6 were investigated.