dendrites in English

a short branched extension of a nerve cell, along which impulses received from other cells at synapses are transmitted to the cell body.
Axons send signals to other cells and dendrites receive them.
a crystal or crystalline mass with a branching, treelike structure.
Not only were neurons structured with more dendrites , they also ‘fired’ electrical signals more rapidly and sustained their firing for longer periods of time, the study showed.

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1. Majority of the SP axon terminals form axodendritic synapses with unlabelled dendrites or with SP dendrites occasionally.

2. 7%) and ganglion cell dendrites (49.3%).

3. These channels help transmit the signals generated by the dendrites.

4. Leading into the nucleus are one or more dendrites.

5. Chromatophilic substance is found within the cytoplasm of dendrites.

6. Malformation of dendrites is also tightly correlated to impaired nervous system function.

7. When the B content is 0.05%, the coarse dendrite is found in cast structure of alloy, When B content is up to 0.1%, dendrites grow further and secondary dendrites appear.

8. In one, equiaxed dendrites form and subsequently ripen into more - or - less spheroidal shape, suitable for forming.

9. Unhealed porosities and free surface of dendrites with crystalline steps were occasionally observed in aluminium alloy forgings.

10. A gap measuring a mere millionth of an inch (0.000003 cm) separates their tentaclelike extensions, or dendrites.

11. Synaptogenesis involves extension of neural dendrites , identification of target cells and forming stable synapse.

12. In addition, neurones are not linked randomly. There are signs of organized layout among the axons and dendrites.

13. These chemical signals are received at one end of the neuron by a maze of tiny filaments called dendrites.

14. A neurone is a cell with a small centre from which stem long strands called axons and dendrites.

15. Formation of metallic dendrites within a battery can lead to catastrophic battery failure in some instances.

16. Its dendrites pick up information from other neurons, and the axon and its terminals pass this on to other cells.

17. The environment must stimulate both mental and emotional activity, for that is what makes the fine network of dendrites grow.

18. The total length of the basilar dendrites in the left planum temporale was longer than those in the other areas.

19. Whiplike, graceful thrilling metal dendrites drawing images from the air, bringing brotherhood, communion to Immured apartment people.

20. Cajal examined nervous tissue from embryos, and noticed that the axon and dendrites grow out of the cell body of the neuron.

21. 14 With the increasing of casting temperature, the dendrites grew fast, which could spheroidize and fine partial austenite with worse circularity and bigger size.

22. With the increasing of casting temperature, the dendrites grew fast, which could spheroidize and fine partial austenite with worse circularity and bigger size.

23. 4 This micropipette injects yellow dye that rapidly spreads through all the dendrites of a single ganglion cell, showing us the strata they reach.

24. A neuron is like a microprocessor chip in that it receives thousands of signals through its dendrites and constantly integrates all the input it receives from these connections.

25. Coeloconic sensilla and basiconic sensilla , the main chemical odor receptors on antennae of B. tabaci, consist of cuticular wall, sheath cells[ ], sensillum lymph and dendrites.

26. 22 As for ultrastructure, quantitative analysis showed that NPY-IR amacrine cell processes were most often presynaptic to NPY negative amacrine cell processes (7%) and ganglion cell dendrites (3%).

27. Afferent neurons innervate cochlear inner hair cells, at synapses where the neurotransmitter glutamate communicates signals from the hair cells to the dendrites of the primary auditory neurons.

28. Those structures – networks of neurons that communicate with each other via axons and dendrites – underlie the familiar analogy of the brain to a computer – networks of transistors that communicate with each other via electric wires.

29. According to Gene Cohen, director of the Center on Aging, Health and Humanities at George Washington University, “when we challenge our brains, the brain cells sprout new dendrites, which results in increased synapses, or contact points.”