dendritic in English

having a branched form resembling a tree.
A dendritic creek pattern may develop which is the most efficient in terms of dissipating incoming wave and tidal energy by friction.

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1. Functional Mapping of Dendritic Trees.

2. There are several modifications of the dendritic design.

3. Membrane molecule expressed specifically in activated plasmacytoid dendritic cell

4. Results The tonsillar dendritic cell sarcoma had no characteristic clinical manifestations.

5. Objective To observe the morphology of mouse thymic dendritic cells ( TDC ).

6. Commonly, solid - liquid interfaces are planar, columnar or dendritic interfaces during solidification.

7. Sixty cases with frequent recurrent dendritic keratitis were selected for our research.

8. Follicular dendritic cell ( FDC ) tumor of the liver a recently recognized entity.

9. Follicular dendritic cell ( FDC ) tumor of the liver is a recently recognized entity.

10. The dependence of dendritic growth behavior on intentionally varied thermal diffusivity DT is investigated.

11. These dendritic poly (amino acid) carriers have multiple functional groups at the polymer surface.

12. These T cells become activated in skin-draining lymph nodes by dendritic cells (DC).

13. The boxed region is enlarged to show a dendritic branch and spine-like structure.

14. 24) The dependence of dendritic growth behavior on intentionally varied thermal diffusivity DT is investigated.

15. Objective To investigate the effect of immature dendritic cells ( iDCs ) on experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis ( EAMG ).

16. Numerical simulation of dendritic growth process is one of the most interested fields in material science.

17. The afferent (dendritic) nerve fibres are myelinated as long as run in the dermal nerve plexus.

18. The invention relates to broad band a meta-material microwave absorber based on a dendritic structure.

19. Dendritic cells are the most potent antigen - presenting cells and play an important role in atherogenesis.

20. We draw the conclusion: The anisotropy intensity influence growth speed of dendritic peak, and reseau precision i...

21. Hyperbranched polymers are one type of dendritic macromolecules which can be synthesized by one - step polymerization process.

22. A phase field model of 2 D dendritic growth in magnesium alloys with hcp structure was established.

23. Pyroxene crystallites in boninite matrix possess peculiar dendritic morphological features in the Xiangcheng area( ), western Sichuan.

24. Dendritic poly ( sodium sulfonate ) ( PSS ) was synthesized from dendrimer with 8 acrylic ester double bonds and bisulfite.

25. Immune tolerogenic dendritic cell for treatment of myocarditis produced by a virus and method for manufacturing same

26. They also used lipopeptide-based adjuvants to activate co-stimulatory molecules on dendritic cells and improve antigen presentation.

27. One hundred fifty-two patients with dendritic or amoeboid herpetic ulceration were treated with debridement, vidarabine, or trifluorothymidine.

28. The dendritic pattern you see mimics the growth of mushroom mycelia, which are the equivalent of plant roots.

29. The corpuscles consist of an afferent (dendritic) nerve fibre, an inner core, a subcapsular space and a capsule.

30. There were 40 virologically confirmed cases of dendritic keratitis treated in a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study.

31. Interleukin 12 ( IL - 12 ) is an important anti - tumor cytokine mainly secreted by monocytes, dendritic cells and macrophages.

32. In humans, CD19 is expressed in all B lineage cells, except for plasma cells, and in follicular dendritic cells.

33. Objective To improve the anti-tumor effect of dendritic cytoma vaccine (DCV) for finding an effective anti-tumor biotherapy.

34. The dendritic morphology waspartly restored to normal 4 weeks after neurorrhaphy and almost entirely restored to normal 9weeks after neurorrhaphy.

35. Objective To study the antigen-presenting function of splenic dendritic cells(DC) in mice after hemorrhage plus closed fracture.

36. Recently some laboratories have detected human herpesvirus 8 (HHV DNA sequences in bone marrow dendritic cells from myeloma patients.

37. For semi solid metal forming, it is crucial to produce semi solid metal materials that have non dendritic structure.

38. The improved efficacy over rituximab monotherapy may be due to increases seen in monocyte, granulocyte , and dendritic cell populations.

39. Recently some laboratories have detected human herpesvirus 8 (HHV 8) DNA sequences in bone marrow dendritic cells from myeloma patients.

40. Langerhans cell histiocytosis is an idiopathic reticuloendothelial proliferative disorder involving the Langerhans cell, an immature dendritic cell of bone marrow origin.

41. Numerical simulation of three dimensional dendritic growth is performed by using a macro micro coupled method and a capturing liquid method.

42. This article review recent advances of lung cancer biotherapy and biochemotherapy, including molecule targeted therapy and gene modified dendritic cell therapy.

43. "Dendritic" (treelike) immune cells send branches into the respiratory and digestive tracts, where they sample all the microbes we inhale or swallow.

44. The synthesis of multivalent dendritic glyco-ligands is an important approach to investigate the interactions of carbohydrate-protein and carbohydrate-carbohydrate.

45. In anterior thalamic nucleus corticothalamic projection neuron terminals form asymmetric synaptic contacts with HRP-labelled thalamocortical projection neurons by axo-dendritic synapses.

46. 14) The impregnated isthmic neurones are categorized into three types based on their dendritic patterns: monopolar neurones, bipolar neurones and multipolar neurones.

47. Proteins made by these viral genes are chewed up and displayed in the normal way when dendritic cells meet the altered bacteria.

48. Computer software process system for calculating solid fraction in non dendritic semi solid structure component was developed using computer image recognition technique.

49. As well as hydrolyzing aryloxide dendritic phthalocyanine containing cyano end-group into '1-3' aryloxide phthalocyanine using carboxy group as end-group.

50. The petioles are frequently 35–45 mm long when the plant is in flower and are covered in white woolly non-dendritic hairs.