dendroid in English

(of a plant, marine invertebrate, or structure) tree-shaped; arborescent; branching.
The intermediate-level benthos was dominated by sponges, corals, giant bivalves, giant brachiopods, stalked echinoderms and fixed dendroid graptolites.
a graptolite of a type that formed much-branched colonies, found chiefly in the Ordovician and Silurian periods.

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1. Leaves with dense long stalk dendroid trichome, long stalk forked trachoma and long stalk trichome with big glandular cells were resistance to the disease.

2. Important criteria are the (1) absence of algae, (2) low-diverse azooxanthellate coral community, (3) dominance of dendroid growth forms in the corals, (4) surrounding pelagic facies adjacent to the coral mounds, (5) occurrence of pelagic organisms (globigerinid foraminifera, coccoliths) within the micrite of the mound facies and intermound facies, (6) breakdown of framebuilders predominantly by bioerosion instead of mechanical destruction, (7) mound- or bank-like structure of the buildups, (8) occurrence at a high paleolatitude.