dendrology in English

the scientific study of trees.
The process of naming plants and classifying them into those groupings is called nomenclature; the study of trees themselves is called dendrology .

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1. Materials for the Chinese dendrology: five new species of Ulmus.

2. Dendrology is one foundational course in the Specialty of Forestry.

3. 11 Dendrology is one foundational course in the Specialty of Forestry.

4. Dendrology for gardening is more suitable for students from specialties relating to gardening.

5. Introduction about concepts of tree , dendrology, and major study objectives relative to the science.

6. Dendrology is the science to study morphology, classification, biological and ecological characteristics, distribution and uses of trees.

7. The result present that this 3D game works wonderfully, also achieves the pre-purpose for popularization of dendrology.

8. The landscape dendrology is a required course of landscape field, and, it is a specialized basic course of ornamental horticulture field.

9. Plant taxonomy and plant systematics may more emphasize on the evolution of plants and their relationships. Its coverage is much broader than dendrology .

10. Landscape dendrology is one important basic course in landscape architecture specialty, and citing odes to flowers is one of the teaching aids for the course.

11. Based on relative regulations of the college, "the field practice of dendrology " is a separate course with separate scoring and separate credit.

12. Emphasized contents of the course Dendrology include theories tree classification and relative systems, identification of important families and the their representatives in genus or species level.