deniable in English

able to be denied.
the government did agree to play a limited and deniable role in the rebellion

Use "deniable" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "deniable" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "deniable", or refer to the context using the word "deniable" in the English Dictionary.

1. I suppose these changes are deniable?

2. The facts are simply not deniable.

3. A deniable authentication protocol is proposed in this paper.

4. A new identity based non-interactive deniable authentication protocol is proposed.

5. Covert action was deniable; a Pentagon program would not be ( Bob Woodward ).

6. Deploying jihadis is cheap, easy and somewhat deniable if things go wrong.

7. I suppose these changes are deniable? ie We might convince others they are not true.

8. It is plausibly deniable, and if the target complains, the target risks being diagnosed as ill.

9. It is plausibly deniable , and if the target complains, the target risks being diagnosed as mentally ill.

10. You can also easily argue that a well-targeted attack is low-cost, readily deniable and saves lives by disrupting the enemy.

11. Organizational performance inevitably suffers, and when this decline is no longer deniable, blame is apportioned among a few unfortunate scapegoats.

12. It is the most appropriate to discuss the Deny Modal and deniable cognitive proposition based on Tri-partitioning of Epistemic World.

13. According to the theory of Tri-partitioning of Epistemic Worlds, static deniable proposition logic system of Deny can be established on the basis of class.

14. With the effect of cultural critical theory of Frankfurt School, the scholars mainly take a skeptical, disdainful and deniable attitude to the early mass culture in China.

15. Deniable epistemic logic is an important tool used in the activities such as judging precisely, making decisions, and excluding fallacies, whose establishment helps to keep a clear thinking.

16. The new protocol has solved two more outstanding problems in the wireless network: the active identity protection to the initiator and the peers can not deniable for the interaction between them.

17. "Anything that the UK would do would be deniable, " says Pat Tyrrell, a former high-ranking official at the Ministry of Defence who drafted the UK's first assessment of the potential for cyberwarfare.