denials in English

the action of declaring something to be untrue.
she shook her head in denial
synonyms: contradiction refutationrebuttal repudiation disclaimer negation dissent

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1. Her denials reeked of hypocrisy.

2. Despite persistent denials, the rumour continued tospread.

3. 9 Despite official denials, the rumours still persist.

4. Despite official denials, the rumours still persist.

5. The Army has consistently issued official denials of involvement.

6. Constraints on, or denials of, access can take several forms

7. Savvy, safe Douglas Hurd may - despite denials - want to retire.

8. His question was greeted with a chorus of denials.

9. 10 Despite denials,( she persists in her entreaties.

10. Her denials of this charge served merely to lend it credence.

11. Attacks and restrictions of movement on and denials of access to humanitarian actors

12. Despite Mansell's denials, technical data leaked from Ferrari sources appear to support Prost's contentions.

13. A vigorous round of denials and, yesterday, the suspension of the archivist followed.

14. The commission's conclusions sweep away a decade of denials and cover-ups.

15. UNIFIL occasionally encountered temporary denials of access by Hizbollah and threats to United Nations patrols.

16. Cinderella begs to be permitted to go. Despite denials, she persists in her entreaties.

17. Never think that God's delays are denials. Hold on; hold fast; hold out. patience is genius.

18. Our expose prompted press coverage , red faces and lots of denials - but the talk went ahead as scheduled .

19. I would have been a few weeks ago, but I'm a little tired of your denials.

20. 15 Cinderella begs to be permitted to go. Despite denials, she persists in her entreaties.

21. This is fully understood by everyone active in Washington politics despite all the anguished denials.

22. 2 Despite official denials, it appears the government did make a deal with the terrorists.

23. UNIFIL encountered an increase of temporary denials of access by Hizbollah in different areas along the Blue Line.

24. 13 Allegations and denials about country hideaways, romantic recordings and Princess Di's secret assignations fly in all directions.

25. 28) It ended the day 16p down to 92p, helped by a management reorganisation and strenuous management denials.

26. 19 By his repeated denials, Peter, in effect, abandoned, not only Jesus, but Jehovah God as well.

27. “The Sudanese government should stop the denials and immediately give peacekeepers and international investigators access to Tabit.”

28. • Complainants may only seek a Court review of, and remedies for, denials of access to their personal information.

29. There were no more angry denials that his Police Department was corrupt, no more demands for proof from the critics.

30. The most common types of complaint files closed were Time Limits (441) and denials of access to personal information requests (240).

31. The latter has access at any time to the on-line system and the number of requests, denials and other relevant information.

32. In this exchange of charges and counter - charges there may be an element of interpretation and interpolation by the media but politicians ' capacity to shoot their mouths off and then issue denials is also legion .

33. Tight constraints on the quantity of such monetization would be essential, but the alternative is not no monetization; it is undisciplined de facto monetization, accompanied by denials that any monetization is taking place.

34. DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, Voting Section, brings lawsuits against states, counties, cities, and other jurisdictions to remedy denials and abridgements of the right to vote, and also defends lawsuits brought against the Attorney General under the Act.

35. While it may not be possible now to assign specific times to these periodic cockcrowings, it is sufficient to know that they existed and that before two such cockcrowings Peter’s three denials took place.

36. 771 Furthermore, the Court observes that, at recital 778 to the contested decision, the Commission, in refuting Microsoft’s denials of the existence of a refusal, given Microsoft’s claim that it never had any reason to exclude competitors by leveraging, cited an extract from a speech given by Mr Gates, President of Microsoft, in February 1997 to members of Microsoft’s sales force.