denier in English

a unit of weight by which the fineness of silk, rayon, or nylon yarn is measured, equal to the weight in grams of 9,000 meters of the yarn and often used to describe the thickness of hosiery.
840 denier nylon
a French coin, equal to one twelfth of a sou, which was withdrawn from use in the 19th century.
So maybe the French tennis playing public were playing for one ‘gros denier tournois ‘per point up to the maximum stake of sixty deniers for a game.’
a person who denies something.
a prominent denier of global warming

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1. The seven denier hold-up achieves ultra sheer look with the durability of a 15 denier product.

2. Also, I am looking for micro denier filament yarn 600 Denier or above for circular knitting.

3. Aerographics and denier differential zoned garments

4. With an evening dress one wears 10 Denier stockings.

5. Ipso facto, I, David Irving, am not a Holocaust denier."

6. Combination of full grain leather and 1200 denier nylon upper.

7. Manufacturers of high tenacity and fine denier multifilament polypropylene yarns.

8. Combination of full grain Suede leather and 1200 denier nylon upper.

9. The sewn covers need to be a plush microfiber or micro - denier fabric.

10. Today, Richard Rorty is probably the most prominent "truth-denier" in the academy.

11. Deborah Lipstadt was found to have libeled me when she called me a Holocaust denier.

12. The denier number is size of the individual threads and indicates of durability.

13. The production process and post processing behaviour of fine denier profiled polyester filaments were discussed.

14. The light fabric usually manufactured from fine number yarns and filament with little denier.

15. This paper introduced the research and manufacture of coining oil for fine - denier PET filament.

16. The carpet denier singles yarns are drawn (14), textured (20, 22) and air-jet entangled (32).

17. Blending technology of Australian medium wools and fine denier polyester fibers is researched in worsted system.

18. The production equipment and process parameter for producing heavy denier and mult - filament polyester fiber are described.

19. The drawing and twist texturing performance of fine denier polypropylene ( PP ) filament are investigated in this paper.

20. The technology of producing denier PA 6 filament discussed. The details for process is parameters are given.

21. Characteristics of production technology of polyester fine denier POY produced by conventional KV441 high-speed spinning machine are studied.

22. The test weaving shows that warp sizing can improve the weaving ability of the fine denier polyester multifilament yarns remarkably.

23. The historian David Irving has applied for permission to appeal against a libel case judgment that branded him a Holocaust denier.

24. Difference of cationic quote while stationary, but the weekend reduced the volume of, and fine denier FDY with the actual transaction prices down.

25. And the finishing technology and operational process are suggested in relation to using 120 denier cationic dyeable Iustre modified polyester filament as loop yarn.

26. Staple fiber may be varied in length, denier and other respects to render it spinnable on the several established systems for the natural fibers cotton, wool and flax.

27. Although some quote barely stable, however, the actual transaction promotion is widespread, and who enjoy significantly increased, mainly reflected in the fine denier FDY products.

28. The cable was written amid heated controversy over Pope Benedict XVI's decision to readmit an ultra-traditionalist bishop who turned out to be a public Holocaust denier.