denigrated in English

criticize unfairly; disparage.
there is a tendency to denigrate the poor
synonyms: disparage belittle deprecate decry cast aspersions on criticize attack speak ill of give someone a bad name defame slander libel run down abuse insult revile malign vilify slur badmouth dis pull to piecestalk smack

Use "denigrated" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "denigrated" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "denigrated", or refer to the context using the word "denigrated" in the English Dictionary.

1. Reports of escape plans were denigrated by MI

2. Instead he was denigrated, almost from the moment he emerged as a leader.

3. This strong attachment to a hard-won freedom can neither be denigrated, nor eradicated from consciousness.

4. For that whole group of citizens whose appeals for assistance have been similarly and irresponsibly denigrated.

5. Rather than being denigrated and despised, he was admired for his courage, his steadfastness, his devotion to family.

6. This denigrated order is highly creative and productive, and women's closeness to each other persists within it.

7. Europeans who saw civilization as their unique possession denigrated the traditional virtues of Indians—simplicity, patience, frugality, otherworldliness—as backwardness.

8. In contrast with the above-quoted accolades, however, the Talmud has been denigrated and called “a sea of obscurity and mud.”

9. The search for certainty of this sort requires that one side of a dichotomy be privileged while its other is denigrated.

10. In many cases, the work ethic is denigrated and impulse repression is replaced by an incitement to self-expression.

11. In the chaos of the reconstruction period, genetic engineering came under the control of the Belial group, and then denigrated into corrupt uses of greed and power.

12. Denigrated by some as a fashionable flash in the pan and job killer and praised by others as a cure-all – the online production of templates is a profitable but controversial phenomenon.