depth charge in English

an explosive charge designed to be dropped from a ship or aircraft and to explode under water at a preset depth, used for attacking submarines.
He was given a nuclear depth-bomb: like a depth charge but actually a hydrogen bomb.

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1. The depth charge was set for

2. There are also two BMB-2 depth charge mortars, two depth charge racks, and two mine rails fitted on the stern deck.

3. Our submarine was attacked by the enemy's depth charge.

4. Sonar contact was made, and MacDonough made two depth charge attacks.

5. After the depth charge exploded the submarine broached, then quickly sank.

6. Based on the structure and working principle of anti-torpedo system of suspended depth charge, operational effectiveness model of anti-torpedo system of suspended depth charge is proposed.

7. Additionally, the vessel has two Type 64 depth charge projectors (with 10 rounds).

8. The destroyer pursued and forced the submarine to surface after three depth charge attacks.

9. Depth charge: or depth bomb; Weapon used by ships or aircraft to attack submerged submarines.

10. Depth charge : or depth Bomb; Weapon used by ships or aircraft to attack submerged submarines.

11. As the Raiders reembarked the next morning, she made two depth charge attacks on a diving submarine.

12. Anderson later made two more depth charge attacks, noticing "considerable oil with slick spreading but no wreckage".

13. The weapons of EH101 are sea-skimming anti-ship missle, 4 torpedo or Mark 11 depth charge.

14. Wilkes made a submarine contact at 1,800 yards (1,600 m) and made a depth charge attack with negative results.

15. Three F-class destroyers escorting the carrier began to depth charge U-39, and forced her to the surface.

16. Evasive maneuver is one of key problems a surface ship faces while releasing suspended depth charge to intercept a torpedo.

17. After being damaged in a depth charge attack by the sloop Pentstemon, U-131 tried to escape on the surface.

18. Despite the Hedgehog's quickly delivered accuracy many captains showed a particular preference for the more powerful but less accurate depth charge.

19. There are two BMB-2 (or its Chinese copy Type 64 ) 432mm depth charge (DC) projectors installed on the stern deck.

20. USS Champlin made first contact by sounding and with USS Huse made several depth charge attacks forcing the submarine to surface.

21. Next day she made several depth charge attacks on an enemy submarine and she continued antisubmarine patrol off the Aleutian Islands through June.

22. Taking the pressure sensor as information sensing element is proposed aiming at high - precision requirement to burst spot in depth charge in this paper.

23. Two depth charge attacks forced her back to the surface, but she again submerged; after a third attack, a large oil slick was observed.

24. Kearny made depth charge attacks and rescued the survivors while Wilkes continued a sound search and released nine depth charges with no visible results.

25. Following Corry's depth charge attack mid-day on 17 March, when the submarine surfaced Corry sank her with gunfire, and picked up her 47 survivors.

26. Alden immediately reversed course in the predawn darkness and carried out a depth charge attack, but, in the ensuing moments, lost contact with the "submarine".

27. When this disturbance occurred, you may, if science is advanced enough at the time, put a depth charge into it and disrupt the flow of time.

28. After patrolling for over two weeks, the destroyers spotted an oil slick, made sonar contact, and commenced depth charge attacks on the afternoon of 13 March 1944.

29. There were depth charge pistol and Hedgehog repair workshops associated with HMS Caroline, some of which would have been on the quays beside her berth in Milewater Basin.

30. And give the selection method of the decision-making datum mark when the ship adopt evade method or evade and use rocket depth charge during anti-torpedo process.

31. McKean turned to avoid the weapon; but at 0350 the torpedo struck the starboard side, exploding the after magazine and depth charge spaces and rupturing fuel oil tanks.

32. She then replied with two depth charge patterns followed by one from Queen Olga which forced the damaged submarine to the surface 200 yards (180 m) from Petard.

33. Simulation result illustrates that the course estimation of the coming torpedo is very effective to the surface ships in the defense against wake homing torpedo by using suspended depth charge.

34. After a terminal-guidance rocket-propelled depth charge sinks in water, it can receive the noise generated by moving targets using an underwater acoustic detection system installed at the head.

35. The thesis also discusses the probability of intercept the attacking torpedo by utilizing the coalescent of torpedo' locate buoy and rocket depth charge, which found on the trait of vector hydrophone.

36. The Valiant offers a mix of direct fire and anti - submarine weaponry. The Valiant includes an Angler Torpedo Bay and a Smart Depth Charge launcher which can intercept and destroy enemy torpedoes.

37. As the conversion work proceeded into the autumn, all torpedo gear was removed from both ships, as were two of each ship's 4-inch guns, the 3-inch antiaircraft gun, their depth charge tracks, and the forward two boilers.