discount in English

a deduction from the usual cost of something, typically given for prompt or advance payment or to a special category of buyers.
many stores will offer a discount on bulk purchases
synonyms: reduction deduction markdown price cut cut rebate
deduct an amount from (the usual price of something).
current users qualify for a discounted price
synonyms: deduct take off rebate knock off slash off
(of a store or business) offering goods for sale at discounted prices.
a discount drugstore chain

Use "discount" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "discount" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "discount", or refer to the context using the word "discount" in the English Dictionary.

1. We have quantity discount, seasonal discount and exceptional discount.

2. There are different kinds of discount, for example, quantity discount, seasonal discount and exceptional discount.

3. Now Diamond, K gold, jade has discount purchase discount.

4. Discount rate

5. dscnt = discount

6. I discount you!

7. TBILLPRICE(settlement; maturity; discount

8. Fifty is a discount.

9. Dividend Discount Model ( DDM )

10. It's a discount store.

11. Discount or Factor The sale, usually at a discount, of a company’s accounts receivable.

12. We usually deal on a # % trade discount additional quantity discount for orders over units.

13. The buyer can take the discount by paying the bill within the discount period.

14. When special discount pricing is available, we’ll email partners in advance with the date that the discount will be available and the specific discount terms.

15. However, the shortage of liquidity is transferred to the discount houses and the discount market.

16. Members get a 15% discount .

17. You like using discount coupon.

18. So, let us discount that.

19. Theres a twenty percent discount.

20. A two-part term policy (also known as a cash discount policy) has three clauses: (i) discount percentage, (ii) discount period, and (iii) net date.

21. This is a discount price.

22. Do you give any discount?

23. What are group discount sites?

24. And the lowest in the New Year period there is a discount for each purchase discount.

25. The members of group who are entitled other discount cannot be applied to the group discount.

26. Trade discount Suppliers may offer a trade discount to customers who work in the same business.

27. 29 No discount Items: drinks, seafood, special dishes discount rate inapplicable in addition to in - store promotions.

28. Can you give me a discount?

29. Steam iron in a discount store.

30. Can you offer a quantity discount?

31. IS there any volume discount available?

32. Would you give me a discount?

33. RECEIVED(settlement; maturity; investment; discount; basis

34. Unamortized Premium/ Discount and Accrued Interest

35. Discount or Factor Accounts Receivable Dumped

36. Thank you for your special discount.

37. Unamortized premium/ discount and accrued interest

38. It is a discount coupon basically.

39. Discount interest are for beneficiary's account.

40. THIRD BED: discount € 8,00 per day. HALF BOARD: Overnight stay with breakfast and dinner, discount € 4,00 per day.

41. Discount note: Note ( i . e . short - or medium - term bond ) issued at a discount from its face value.

42. 21 To illustrate, consider a discount security with 246 days to maturity with a discount rate of 43 percent.

43. How big a discount did you get?

44. I can get you the AARP discount.

45. Now, I give you a discount price,

46. Half of banks own a discount broker.

47. We can discount ten percent for you .

48. That's a big, heavy discount right there.

49. We give a discount for cash payment.

50. We give 10 % discount for cash payment.