discourage in English

cause (someone) to lose confidence or enthusiasm.
I don't want to discourage you, but I don't think it's such a good idea

Use "discourage" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "discourage" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "discourage", or refer to the context using the word "discourage" in the English Dictionary.

1. Parents should discourage smoking.

2. Low prices discourage industry.

3. Father discourage the expression of enthusiasm.

4. Don't let one failure discourage you.

5. Rather, they often discourage it.

6. The school teachers discourage smoking.

7. We should discourage extramarital affairs.

8. The overcritical teacher can discourage originality.

9. I don't want to discourage it.

10. Regular watering will also discourage them.

11. What factors should not discourage us?

12. We discourage smoking in this school.

13. Don't discourage her; she's doing her best.

14. Should ridicule or opposition discourage us?

15. We need tougher penalties to discourage miscreants.

16. No, I wouldn't let that discourage you.

17. Parents should discourage their children from smoking.

18. We tried to discourage him from resigning.

19. ignore those who try to discourage you .

20. Do free bed nets discourage future purchase?

21. Try to discourage such familiarities from your subordinates.

22. The airlines use stronger language to discourage them.

23. Is it legitimate social policy to discourage childbearing?

24. You should not let one failure discourage you.

25. Don't let one failure discourage you, try again.

26. Wesley tried to discourage his friend from going.

27. Telling “a story like that” would only discourage others.

28. They want to discourage pay settlements over the norm.

29. 6 Is it legitimate social policy to discourage childbearing?

30. Taxes on investment may discourage high-risk projects.

31. On the contrary, some seemed to actively discourage it.

32. Many parents find it hard to discourage bad behaviour.

33. The height of the mountain did not discourage them.

34. I have tried to discourage him from biting nails.

35. Does the Bible Discourage Feasting and the Giving of Gifts?

36. Teachers should discourage their students from smoking and drinking.

37. 19 Don't let one failure discourage you,(www.Sentencedict.com) try again.

38. Such action might discourage Member States from issuing critical statements.

39. A few discourage the practice of any faith at all.

40. 7 Preventing dissent may discourage creative thinking within the group.

41. 2 Never let sharply falling markets discourage you from investing.

42. His parents tried to discourage him from being an actor.

43. Likewise, harsh measures to discourage illegitimacy will also have effect.

44. The state Department of Agriculture tries to discourage the practice.

45. I leave a light on when I'm out to discourage burglars.

46. It's an infernal mischance; I've done my best to discourage it.

47. Keynes also pointed out how government price controls discourage production.

48. Aspirin may discourage tumour growth in some types of cancer.

49. The Swiss wanted to discourage an inflow of foreign money.

50. The “other sheep” have not allowed people’s indifference to discourage them