displace in English

take over the place, position, or role of (someone or something).
in the northern states of India, Hindi has largely displaced English

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "displace" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "displace", or refer to the context using the word "displace" in the English Dictionary.

1. Please don't displace my dictionaries.

2. Supermarkets Displace Traditional Shops

3. Redistributive struggles displace productive ones.

4. Italy; they were displace by Latin.

5. Yet traditions are difficult to displace.

6. Those resources can displace nuclear power.

7. Weeds tend to displace other plants.

8. 8 Those resources can displace nuclear power.

9. Displace the body weight to the opposite side.

10. Will ethanol displace gasoline feed from our animals?

11. I'm trying to displace him in his job.

12. The UN estimates this will displace another 500,000 people.

13. They seldom displace the purely indicating thermometers for direct.

14. Vapors displace air and can cause asphyxiation in confined spaces.

15. But we do not need to let our fears displace our faith.

16. This dam is going to displace (Sentence dictionary)000 Kurds in a war region.

17. Flooding caused by the dam may displace up to a million people.

18. 22 Also, a foreign student can not cannot displace an American patency citizen a job.

19. 8 Regarding the good reservoir residual oil distribution is scattered, used the polymer displace oil.

20. Governor Ross Barnett of Mississippi did not want federal marshals to displace his authority.

21. Wind and sea may displace the ship's center of gravity along three orthogonal axes.

22. We let the Germans take them, we're gonna lose our foothold and have to displace.

23. ABMs were ready to displace branch banking, if telephone banking did not do so first.

24. The positional fixing device allows the glass panel (1) to pivot and displace to a certain extent.

25. 18 or, he will displace Reason with Appetite, such as the unsatiable greed for riches or power.

26. CO2 may also displace methane in some coal beds and adsorb (stick) to the coal.

27. Such attitudes not only displace others from paid employment but also lead to family breakdown.

28. Displace the water with 2000 ml isopropanol/water mixture (4.3.3) at a rate of 10-30 ml/min.

29. The building of a new dam will displace thousands of people who live in this area.

30. If the king goes to g2 trying to displace the white king, White moves the bishop.

31. Accordingly, Congress simply lacks power under the Commerce Clause to displace state regulation of this kind.

32. The movable coupling allows the toe section to pivot downward and the heel section to simultaneously displace forward.

33. If it is, hot water will flow into the radiator from the pipework and displace the trapped air.

34. To expose the anterior surface of the prostate, it is necessary to displace the peritoneum superiorly.

35. Later, when brown-egg commercial hybrids appeared, they began to displace the traditional breed in many households.

36. In one, Daniel describes a number of symbolic animals that displace one another on the world scene.

37. Do surveillance cameras actually reduce crime, or do they simply displace it to areas not under surveillance?

38. Water droplets do the same, vaporizing and expanding 1,700 times their original volume to displace the oxygen.

39. The diffusion gas is allowed to diffuse throughout the chamber (24) to displace sterilization gas from the load.

40. According to the interference theory, animals forget things not because memory fades but because other memories displace them.

41. The net effect of superimposing habituation on imprinting would be to displace the preference away from the familiar.

42. From the Market Plot, there is some indication that Bio gas could actually displace GHG's through the production of electricity.

43. Thus they will displace those firms that finance the social security systems, and will undermine established safety regulations.

44. To struggle was only to weaken himself; he could not displace the weight or break the grip that held him down.

45. Other hopes have centred on ethanol taking the place of petroleum - but fuel crops must not displace food.

46. That money actually went to displace fishermen and those who worked on the boats but did not own licences

47. These began to displace the conifers during the Tertiary era (66 to 2 million years ago) when forests covered the globe.

48. Thus several measures are available to displace natural gas for a higher use as a facilitator of coal combustion.

49. If a larger bird is low in the queue, why does it not displace the bird at the head?

50. Apart from the metabolic interactions, highly protein bound drugs can displace warfarin from serum albumin and cause an increase in the INR.